Spores, Spores, Spores

Ever since the sawbones had caught her being less than sneaky coming out of the sickbay, Elle had given him and it a wide berth. Seemed like she was the only one on account of how many she saw coming and going. It was like Founder's Day or something the way they brought sweets and gifts and generally pampered the poor gut shot girl. If Elle was anyone else she might have felt jealous but since she was Elle, plain Elle, she just saw it as a sign of a good crew that they loved Serena that much. Even the passengers and she hoped the girl wasn't making any extra money by not sleeping in her bunk and in theirs instead. That wasn't no good even if she was pretty enough to be a Companion.

Vas was busy as could be, taking care of her like they were sweet on one another and then making sure he and Elle got all the rest of the work done in Serena's absence. It was good to be busy for the both of them. It kept Vas from worrying overmuch and it let Elle show that she might be green to the Dark but she was a veteran when it came to, how had that preacher man said it from the Book? Hewing wood and totin' water. She was a worker. Mostly Elle took the less skilled jobs that only needed no mind and a strong back to do them, leaving Vas free to handle the technical and fiddly ones. Why should he shift cargo while she checked out a vacuum suit? Wasn't like she could read the gauge thingies anyhow or the checklist. Vas was sure smarter than her and a great deal more learned.

One of the tasks she self assigned was cleaning when she wasn't otherwise busy. Bulkheads, decks, anything. Elle was getting after the grease and dirt surrounding a vent high up near the overhead, her rag cutting through the muck like the Alliance did the Browncoats most every battle they had, when she smelled it.

The rag stopped midswipe and she leaned closer to the vent and sniffed, nose wrinkling as the graveyard sweet smell came stronger. "Tai kong suo you de xing qiu sai jin wo de pi gu," she swore as the certainty of what she was going to find made it feel like someone shoved all the planets in the Verse up her butt. The back of her work knife popped under the cover and pried it loose. Elle stuck her upper body in and stretched. The almost slimy feel wasn't grease though and when she pulled it out she just frowned and climbed down one-armed, not touching anything with her dirty hand.

She found the Fixer in the engine bay. Elle rapped hard on the edge of the hatch, loud enough to be heard over the engine, then looked at Marisol before coming in. Some of them were crazy and would brain you if you stepped in without permission but Elle took a chance.

"Problem," she said and thrust out her hand. In it was the dead grey stem and cap of a small mushroom. The rest of Elle's hand was dotted with dark black spores and slimy traces of the rest of the fungal colony. It wasn't that uncommon for fungus to take hold in ships and it wasn't life threatening but when it spored it tended to make the ship smell foul and got people sick.

"We got any fung- funji- mushroom killer? Or can you get me some steam through a hose so I can kill it good?" she asked Marisol.

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