Drog Kyri - one of the priciest pets in the verse, and one of the most useful. The big hairballs' powerful jaws' have taken apart many a reaver, and their giant fluffy coats help protect them from being bitten, slashed or otherwise attacked.

We have in our possession one full grown mamma drog who is going to become part of the crew, along with Rebel the three legged blue tick hound. What we need for the pooch is a name. You can think of one, or decide what your character would suggest. (Haddie - feel free to let Gil submit your vote.) Suggest as many names as you want, and if we pick your name, you will get a GENUINE Ongoing World Trophy for your stat page. Oooooh, I know, right?

This is her:


Two of the Drogs we sold on New Kasmir. They are HUGE!

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