Welcome to Beaumonde

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain, Colton Keller speaking. We're about to touch down on Beaumonde in New Huntsville where the local time is just about midnight. We're going to ask any of you night owls to return to your rooms as we set this bird down. Given the late hour, the spaceport is currently closed, so we'll save all disembarking until tomorrow morning, in the hopes that you good folk enjoy one more night aboard the Lunar Veil. I am being told there will be a farewell breakfast, so there's something to give you -- " he held the mic to his chest. "Is that Roose character cooking?" He called up to the cockpit,

"He is our cook!" The lieutenant replied.

"Something to dream about." He concluded, adding under his breath: "Nightmarish dreams. We hope you have enjoyed your trip, those continuing on will have 48 hours to enjoy the local High Spirits Festival going on, that's something, huh? Drinking age I'm being told is sixteen on this rock,"

"YES!" One of the deckhands called out.

"And if you're traveling with us will be glad to know our next stop is... uh..."

"Silverhold!" Riley yelled

"Silverhold, followed by --"


"Greenleaf.... Greenleaf, really? I hate that shit hole.... I mean, lovely planet that some of you might call home. Final destination is Highgate, I'm sure we'll be stopping before then, but it's late, I'm tired, good night Folks. Welcome again to New Huntsville, Keller out."

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