The Mec, The Doc, and The Dog (Beaumonde - Day 2 Early Morning)

“Is that actual bacon Ah smell?” Dorian entered the galley, accompanied by Rebel. The rich aroma of cooking bacon made the noses of both man and dog twitch, as two stomachs growled.

Who’s asking?” Marisol turned her head to deliver a smirk. At sight of Rebel, her eyes widened. “Look who’s here!” she exclaimed as she came around the counter, a fresh cooked piece in her hand. The diminutive woman squatted before the dog, who happily devoured her offering. “You good boy!” she exclaimed as she showered Rebel with ear scratches. “How’s he doing?” she lifted her gaze.

“Bettah than Ah am,” Dorian cast a jealous eye upon the bacon.

“ slice,” the ad hoc cook lifted an index finger. “The rest is for passengers.”

Adler tilted his head. “Actually, it’s coffee that has us up here at this hour.”

“Yeah,” she noted, “I saw you weren’t coming from the forward crew berths this morning.”

“Saw that, did yah?”

“Tell me you haven’t messed it up already.”

“No,” he gave her a wry sort of smile. “Ah slept in Cot City. She was on tha flight deck late…we came in at midnight…an’ Ah had tah be up early, fah the surgeries.”

Marisol poured a cup for the medic. “Right. Iceberg and Gill. Hey, I left something for you in medbay.”

“Tha black mold?” he asked. At her nod, Dorian replied, “Yeva showed it tah me when Ah came in. We’re runnin’ a test culture…should have results when Ah get back.”

“Okay,” she scrubbed her hands in the galley sink. “Elle found that last night. She and I popped a bunch of air duct grates. Lots of mold. We’ve got serious cleaning to do while we’re down.”

“Ah’d promised tah take yah tah lunch,” he offered. “Should we postpone?”

Marisol shook her head. “I don’t think so. Gotta rent the duct cleaning gear, which means we’re probably up early tomorrow to knock it out before upthrust. So, Yeva’s joining us too…right?”

Dorian sat down, sipping his coffee as he nuzzled Rebel’s neck with his fingers. “She is. Comin’ tah tha hospital with us this mornin’ tah sit fah her certification exam. With luck, we’ll be celebratin’,” he said, though his eyes conveyed the question Will we?

“Fingers crossed,” she shrugged, before returning to the stove. “I’ve gotta get cracking. Hungry mob strikes in twenty minutes.”

“Alright then,” Doc nodded amiably. “Ah’ll find a suitable place fah lunch an’ message yah.”

“See you than!” she waved cheerfully, before focusing on their three legged companion. “See you too, sweetie! Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? You are ! You are!”

Rebel’s tail wagged contentedly as Dorian led him toward the aft staircase. “One of tha two toughest women Ah know just baby talked yah,” he shook his head in wonder.

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