Repairing Roose's Knee - ( Day 2 Morning)

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The two transport beds were arrayed side by side, with nursing staff attending the patients. Sister Lyen and Doc Adler were virtually indistinguishable from the other hospital staff, camouflaged as they were in turquoise scrubs, their features hidden by surgical masks and caps. “Now,” Dorian said as he stepped between the two beds, “This is a teachin’ hospital. Tha room yah ‘bout tah be rolled intah is a surgical operatin’ theatah. There will be students an’ their faculty up in rows of seats tah watch yah procedures. Also,” Adler glanced in turn at each, making eye contact to assure their understanding, “Sistah Lyen and Ah will not be conductin’ tha operations. We don’t have credentials fah this hospital. But, tha surgeons yah will get are far beyond our qualifications, an’ tha equipment here is much more modern than on tha Veil. “Y’all have any questions?”

The old man searched around the clean floors and ceiling and seemed drastically out of sorts in hs dirty garb, “None coming to mind.” he lied, but he held a good poker face.

“Can’t we do this back on the ship?” Gill was looking around wide eyed at the newfangled facility and modern tech. It had an Alliance feel to it that made him nervous.

“It’s alright, Gill,” Lyen wrapped his hand in two of her own. “We’ll be here the whole time.”

“Sistah,” Dorian regarded the nun, “shall we make our prayahs tah tha Medicine Buddha?”

The nun folded her hands in the lotus, closed her eyes, and led the mantra.

“Tayata Om Bhekandze Bhekandze Maha
Bhekandze Randza Samungate Soha.

Beyond Nirvana, wish fulfilling one,
Medicine Buddha, great Medicine Buddha,
Perfectly liberated and awakened,
Dissolve our suffering.

By this practice of Medicine Buddha, may Roose, Gill, and all beings, be free from pain, disease, and suffering.” The nun opened her eyes and found Dorian. With a subtle nod, she bade him continue.

The hospital staff shared quizzical glances as the Lunar Veil medics prayed and chanted together. Dorian’s eyes were closed throughout, envisioning the Medicine Buddha as the Sister had taught him. In silence, he offered his own wish to combat the pain and suffering of both patients, the ‘dukkha,’ in the words of the Sister.

Once the blessing was complete, Adler signalled their readiness. An orderly swung wide a pair of double doors. Brilliant light poured through the entry as the beds containing Gill and Roose were wheeled through. “Today,” a voice sounded over the operating theater’s speaker system, “we have a double header...two patients brought to us through the VCM sponsored “Remote Incidental Medical” program, known as “RIM” for the underserved worlds of the outer rim. The program administrator, Dr. Carolyn Lao, also tells me that this program has been nicknamed ‘Tha Bush Doctah Program,’ and that one of our guests here might best explain that. The program is represented by Dr. Dorian Adler, a practicing DDS whose field experience earned him credentials. His assistant, Sister Lyen Giu is a Nun of the Order of the Interverse, and a bit of a celebrity in her own right for operating on Dr. Adler himself. We’ve all seen the capture.” As a quiet murmur rose and fell, the voice resumed. “Doctor Adler, would you care to introduce your first patient?”

“Thank yah,” Dorian moved toward the first setup. David Roose had been shuffled onto an operating table. His affected knee was propped up on a foam block, positioned into a slight bend. Adler caught the note, crudely scrawled upon Roose’s hairy shank:

This leg

“Nicely played, suh,” he chuckled under his breath.

“Never let them tell you I don’t have a trick or two left in me.” he quietly said back.

“Patient is a sixty-eight year old male from Aurora Creek, a mountain community on New Kasmir. Prior tah acceptin’ a position upon mah vessel as a cook, Mistah Roose lived an active outdoor lifestyle as a huntah by trade. He complained of long term knee pain, accompanied by swellin’ an’ some impediment tah his range of motion. May Ah have our three-D scan, please?”

Two representations suddenly appeared in mid air, The first, an actual holographic representation of Roose’s knee, hovered just before Dorian. The second, a massive copy of the first, floated in the air above as a reference for the attendees. The gigantic hologram flipped and turned as Adler manipulated the smaller one with his hands.

“As yah can see,” Doc rotated the holographic knee, “there is significant tearin’ an’ degradation of the medial meniscus cartilage, resultin’ in direct bone on bone contact. Our first approach was tah be a surgical removal of tha degraded cartilage, an’ a repair involvin’ adhesion of a cartilex insert tah tha remainin’ healthy meniscus.” This raised a gasp and murmurs of alarm from the medical students. “That is tha current level of medical care aboard our boat,” he confirmed for the incredulous med students. “Unfortunately, even that archaic practice is considered beyond reach on many of tha worlds of tha outah rim. If Ah may continue, our surgery was scheduled two days ago, but a medical emergency forced postponement. Doctah Baker,” Dorian gestured toward the orthopedic surgeon, “please proceed.”

Roose’s eyes closed as the anesthetic took hold. Dr. Baker, the staff orthopedist, began the procedure, his voice somewhat casual as he described the current surgical technique only possible in a modern core hospital. Remarkable, Dorian thought as he shared a glance with Lyen. Tha Veil’s suite is miles beyond anythin’ out on tha Rim, but this makes our practice look like leeches and skull boring.

“As you see,” Baker continued as a large scale version of the operation floated above his head, “the patient’s own DNA sequencing is driving the cartilage recreation process. This particular patient,has been active all of his life, thus making the surgery that much simpler by his good muscle tone and absence of arthritis in his joints.” As invited guests, the nun and the medic were able to view up close the process of DNA driven creation. The arthroscopic tools involved no large incision, making the work that much cleaner. We could use some upgrades, he nodded in silent understanding with the nun.

“And we’re complete,” Baker announced. The floating surgical image showed the pearly white of a healthy, regenerated meniscus. “Patient should stay off his feet today, and I’d prescribe light duty...he’s a cook?” the surgeon glanced toward Adler, who nodded. “If he could use a stool for two days post op, that would be optimal. Let’s wake him up.”

“Thank yah, Doctah Bakah. All finished, Iceberg,” Dorian smiled through his mask. Ah’ll be havin’ that drink with yah tahnight.” He turned once more toward the assembled students and faculty. “Fah pertinent infahmation on our next patient, Ah’ll yield tha floor tah mah colleague, Sistah Lyen Giu. Sistah?”

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