Temptress, Tailor, Doctor, Spies - Part 1 - ( Day 2 Late Morning)

“Twenty minutes,” the tailor replied. “I can have it delivered, if you like.”

“That would be appreciated. Lunar Veil,” he offered. “Dockin’ berth eleven.”

“We’ll have it over just past lunch,” the old man tucked a pencil behind his ear as he took the tuxedo back for alterations. After giving his thanks, Dorian wandered from the fitting area to the outer shop. The place served as a boutique, an emporium for ladies’ and men’s apparel and jewelry that appeared at first glance to be a cut above the norm. His thoughts turned, as they always did, to Riley.

Over their days since New Kasmir, he’d felt the bond grow in strength, progressing quickly in his mind from the flash of attraction and their opening intimacies to a deeper, more solid emotional foundation. Riley had brought something to Dorian that he never thought to receive, let alone deserve. Now, as he thought of the woman, his imaginings ventured far beyond the here and now. In Riley, Dorian actually saw the future.

Tonight would be his chance…a black tie evening at Earth-That-Was Distillery. They could enjoy each other, take a turn on the dance floor…and then, a moonlit stroll back to the boat. He’d tell her then…share the feeling that had grown inside him. It would be so perfect.

“May I help you, sir?” the shop girl was a teenager whose tone of voice and lifeless brown eyes explained perfectly her level of sullen boredom.

He opened his mouth to speak, when a slender arm snaked it’s way onto his. “I’ve got this, sweetie,” a familiar voice purred.

A wry smile crossed Dorian’s lips as he turned to find its’ owner, nestled onto his arm, her eyes sparkling with devilment. “Why, Miss Jacy,” he responded. “An unexpected pleasure.”

“Shhhh,” she touched his lips with an index finger. “It’s ‘Annika, now”

“Annika.” Dorian took in the sight of her. She’d made the obvious stylistic changes, wardrobe being the first. ‘Annika’ still dressed to draw a man’s eye and keep him distracted. Her makeup and hair also reflected the change. All in all, the look carried a certain high toned temptress sort of appeal. Good thing she didn’t use this on the boat, Dorian thought. I surely would’ve been an easy mark. “What brings yah tah Beaumonde…Miss Annika?”

“You, for one thing,” she offered that seductive grin. “So, who are we shopping for?”
The Alliance agent scanned the nearby undergarments with a scowl. “Your aunt, or your grandma? Buddha, I thought you had better taste than this. Come on.”

“But, Ah…” He relented, allowing himself to be pulled away from the jeweled pendants he’d actually been considering toward a long row of underwear. Bra and panty combinations were displayed on hangers. With the accustomed hands of a professional, 'Annika' began rifling through the massive assortment. “Is it Marisol? With her B cup and that cute little ass she’s in the teens section. Or,” she fixed him with a crooked smile. ‘Is it Riley? Sorry about your luck,” she quipped. “Doesn’t look like they carry anything in purple Kevlar. Now these,” she proudly held up a hanger with underwear that was amazingly sheer, “are what I’d want.” She positioned the near transparent panties to her hips. “What do you think, Dorian?”

“Ah could read through those.”

“That is the point.”

“By tha by,” he made an attempt at changing the subject, “Mah compliments on what yah’ve done with yah hair. It’s quite becoming.”

The woman’s face brightened. “Do you think so?” her grin was all excitement. “It’s my natural color! The curl, too..all natural!” She studied the panties at her hips once again before fixing him with a knowing smirk. “You were wondering if the carpet matched the drapes, weren’t you?”

“Actually, no….”

“There is no carpet!,” she teased. “But I’m always in the market for hardwood.”

Dorian threw back his head to laugh. Soon, she joined in.. “Miss Jac…Annika,” he chortled, “nice tah see yah back on yah “A” game.”

She shook her head. “My other assignment on this rock is a huge mound of blubber who we think is peddling secrets. He loves the Space Whore,” she chuckled, “and I do kinda have fun playing her. Speaking of,” she sidled up close to the medic, “he’s sitting in meetings for the next five hours. Why don’t you buy me these?” she lifted the revealing underwear, “and we’ll go…I don’t know…exchange a little intel?”

Dorian smiled. “A tempting offah, but..”

“But,” Annika pouted. “Wait,” her brows lifted. “You are in here shopping for Riley, aren’t you?” She smiled broadly. “You finally got her…hope she’s worth the effort. Is she good?” the agent offered a lurid grin. When no response came, she regarded him curiously, before her mouth fell open in astonishment. “Hold on…No,” she gasped. “You’re not. Please tell me you’re not!”

He cast a sidelong glance, cleared his throat, and said, “Ah think Ah am.”

“Dorian Adler!” she admonished. “How did you let that happen?”

“Tha heart wants what it wants?”

“Dumbass! My heart wants lots of things! But you and me…what we do? Ugh!” she threw her hands up in exasperation, before lowering her voice. “And are your feelings reciprocated?”

“Ah don’t know,” he answered.

“So you haven’t told her?”

“No. Ah was in here fah a suitable gift…Ah wanted tah tell her tahnight.”

“Really?” Her voice was droll. “Then I’ve saved you from two bad, bad decisions. First? Never give a gift when you’re saying those three deadly words. Save that for after she says ‘em back. And second? Look at me. NEVER SAY THOSE WORDS!”

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