Wandering Patients - (Day 2 - Early Morning)

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“Mei-mei.” Dorian stood behind her in the corridor, making all efforts not to notice that her hospital gown was hanging open in the back. At his side stood Rebel. The dog wagged his tail at the girl. “What are yah doin’ traipsin’ around up here?” he asked.

“Da ge…” she responded, “Dog-gy…” She giggled, addressing them both. “It all depends on what traipsin’ means, so ah can add it to mah word bank. All Ah wanted was tah wish Gil and Roose luck on their operations at the big hospital.”

The medic strolled up to Serena’s side. “In yah case, it means “wanderin’ about when Mistah Doctah Adluh told yah tah stay in bed. Now, c’mon, let’s head back down,” he said, offering his arm.

Serena took his arm, but shook her head emphatically. “You said that Ah should pretend that ah spent the whole night in tha infirmary instead a saying that I spent til 5 am when Yeva came an’ got me in yah bed with Gil.” She reminded him. “An’ ah did pretend that when Ah woke up. And Ah used discretion Yah didn’t say that ah had t stay in the safest place on tha boat when Ah woke up, Ah smelled bacon, an’ ah don’t know anyone who can not get up when they smell bacon.”

“Shhh,” Dorian cautioned the girl as they began to ease down the steps. “Use extra discretion,” he whispered. “We’ll talk about it this aftahnoon, when Ah’m walkin’ yah ‘round tha festival, dohn mah? “An’ why didn’t yah come in fah bacon? Miss Marisol gave some tah Rebel. She’d just as like given’ yah a whole plate,” he chuckled.

“Ah can’t tell yah.” The teen replied, pretending to zip her lips, turn a key and throw it over her shoulder.

Adler laughed. “Very good. So, yah still want tah see tha festival with me tahday?”

Serena nodded again, mumbling through closed lips “Unless Ah gotta clean up tha mold, But it’s okay, they’ll be a lotta othah fairs.”

“You tryin’ tah back out on me?” Dorian asked, keeping his own lips shut to muffle his words like hers.

Serena giggled, taking a second invisible key from her non-existent pocket, and reversing the mine. “Nevah. But Ah’m a spacer, Mistah Doctah Adluh. Tha ship comes first. An s’far as ah know, the drinking age on tha Lunar Veil is sixteen, too. Yah can bring back a bottle an’ Ah can be a con… coni… expert.”

“Connoisseur,” Dorian offered the word she sought. “Well, Miss Marisol an’ Ah talked about tha ducts. She’s gotta get special equipment, an’ she an’ Miss Elle got a plan tah clean ‘em out tahgethah. You” Dorian gave the girl’s hand a squeeze, “are undah mah ordahs til aftah we break atmo. An’ mah ordahs are fah yah tah rest, eat bacon, an’ come tah tha festival with me this aftahnoon. We clear, deck?”

“Yes, suh! Except for one thing, but you gotta honest an’ swear promise nevah to tell.” She took out the imaginary key for him to lock his lips with.

“Honest an’ swear,” Dorian said as they slowly reached the bottom of the stairs.

Serena took a step back up so she was level with his ear, cupping her hands around it to whisper to him. “Ah can’t eat the bacon.” She confessed, looking side to side to make sure no one was around. “You said that if Ah wanted to make Maisol happy, an’ ah do, all ah had to do was enjoy her cooking, and ah wanna, but she sometimes it makes mah mouth feel like fire an’ then my stomach doesn’t feel good. We didn’t have spices ‘cept salt on mah old ship. An’ it’s gettin’ bettah, but my stomach already hurts on account of ah got shot, see?” She moved the gown aside so he could see the tape, “and ah didn’t wanna burn a hole clean through it again. Roose lets me eat oatmeal n’ toast. Not togethah, on account of carbs.”

“So, “ he whispered back, “what wouldja like fah breakfast this mornin’?”

“Oatmeal AND toast, togethah, on account of Roose isn’t there, so carbs don’t count. Ah can make it though, Ah add a lotta sugah. We didn’t have that on my old ship neithah, but it doesn’t much ache and it is so good, have yah tried it?”

He nodded as he lead her into the infirmary. “Ah have,” Dorian answered. “C’mon now, let me help yah up.” Placing his hands beneath the girl's arms, the medic lifted her up until she could seat herself upon the table. “Let’s getcha covered up,’ he offered, arranging the blankets and sheets neatly over her. “Now, Adler said, “kindly hold ontah Rebel’s leash fah a moment?”

“C’mere Rebel” she called, holdin’ the leash.

Adler picked up the intercom mic. “Galley, this is tha infirmary.”

Marisol’s voice came back over the speaker. “Go for the galley.”

“We have a patient down here who is askin’ fah both oatmeal and toast. Have yah evah heard tha like?”

“Pretty tall order,” the ad hoc cook replied. “I think we can do it. How sweet?”

“She says extra sugar. Her doctah approves.” He smiled at the teen.

“Butter and jam on the toast?”

Adler glanced toward Serena, brows lifted in question.

“Jam.” she said quietly. “Lots!”

“Mah patient says ‘lots ‘o’ jam, if yah please,” he chuckled.

“You tell your patient it’s on it’s way,” Marisol chuckled. “Galley out.”

“Well then,” the doc regarded the teen. “Ah think we got yah situated fah tha mornin’.”

“Uh-huh!” Serena agreed happily. “An’ Ah’m for sure gonna make Marisol happy by enjoyin’ her cookin’, especially if there’s extra sugar!”

“Marisol’s Spanic,” Dorian offered a grin. “When yah ask fah extra, she loads up tha wagon.” He glanced up to see Roose and Gill being led toward the cargo bay by Sister Lyen and Yeva. “Time fah me tah head out. Ah should be back ‘round two o’clock. We’ll go shortly aftah. In tha meantime, eat yah breakfast, maybe take a nap since yah were up most of tha night, and if yah want a showah, get Elle or Marisol tah stand by fah yah. Dohn mah?

“Doctah’s ordah’s,” she giggled, settling back down under the covers. “Can’t wait. Ah’ll be ready by two.”

Adler gave her a smile from the doorway. “Ah’m lookin’ forward tah it. See yah then, mei-mei.” The medic turned, heading the the cargo bay and his charges.

“It’s a date.” She confirmed, watching him leave to help Gil and Roose. “Mistah Doctah Adluh takes care a people all right,” she told Rebel, “and ah mean, dog’s too, present company included. He’s the nicest person ah know.” She scritched behind the dogs ears. “And he always keeps his word, that ain’t easy t’ find. He has pretty eyes, don’tcha think? Ah think so. And, it’s a date.”

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