The Drinking Age is Sixteen - Fair Lights Part 2 - (Day 2 Early Evening)

"Do I need to bring my machete? Just you know …. For safety?” He asked looking between the two."

Serena curled her lip. “Safety against what? It’s a bunch of games and food vendors and places you can taste different types of bourbon. And look at you two. Who would mess with you at all? Mohawk wearing punk and a guy that looks like he could skin an aardvark and make it into a belt. We’re gonna have fun, Crew Chief, not… machete someone.”

“Yea but you know how people are… they drink … then they think hey I’m guna rob the girl with the pretty dress and pigtail and look there’s a guy in the wheelchair. But then they see a guy with a machete and they’ll think twice!” Vas reasoned. “See? I just preemptively saved ALL of your form being robbed.”

“Fiiiiiiiine. Bring your old knife,” she giggled, imitating his voice. “Otherwise I’ll never hear the end of it. But get it quick, I wanna go before it gets dark, we can see the lights turn on on the midway, I bet you it’s amazing! You go! I’ll get Roose outside.”

Roose pondered for a brief moment as to why neither of his shipmates didn’t carry a knife with them at all times before reminding himself he was in a relatively more civilized company. But thinking of knives also reminded him that he could use it right about now and with a quick flick of the risk the spatula stuck in his wheel was dislodged just in time for Serena to come in, “Don’t you worry, shouldn’t be any problems we can’t handle. Vas’ just like a momma bear, doesn’t feel safe without his claws and his cubs.”

“I am not a momma bear.” Vas call out from the hall. “I am a Crew Cheif …” He said walking back with a blade clipped to a hip. “... whose bite is way worse than his bark. My hands are my responsibility.” Only thing passable as a cub on this ship was Haddie and that was VERY iffy.

“It’s true. I seen his bite.” Serena admitted, near taking out a galley chair with the foot rest on Roose’s current method of transportation. “Sorry, sorry,” she apologized. “Was that your bum leg?”

“Weren’t the point for him NOT to have a bum leg no more?” Vas pointed out. “You need help handling the old man kid?” The punk all but clucked.

“The leg’s fine, thank you.” Roose said as the collision did cause him to grit his teeth a bit, “ But getting cut into by a bunch of fancy docs doesn’t feel too pretty on day two as it did on day one.” He turned a bit to look back to Serena, “But you’re doing fine, not nothing I wouldn’t have done on my own time anyhow.”

“I know what you mean. I got shot. Bullet went clean through, but I went to sleep and got stitched and taped, and now I’m right as the mail, sure as snow is white.” She told him, as they entered the cargo bay.

“Rain …” Vas corrected. “Right as rain is how it goes. Mail ain’t always right.” Vas reasoned as he ambled along behind the pair.

“Ah heck kid, I been meaning to ask you about that. Caught a few pieces of led in my time and wanted to give you some tips.” Roose drooped a bit as he felt ashamed for inadvertently avoiding the girl after her episode. Between the multiple surgeries and sticking his head into any cooking book he could find on this ship to not think about the surgeries he hadn’t had much time to attend to his fellow boatmates. “But seeing as we got all night, be happy to let you know a few pointers.”

“She got shot is all … not really that big of a deal.” Vas pointed out. “AND she got cookies …”

“The cookies were good, but I don’t plan on catching any more lead for tips. Once was enough for me to know that I don’t much care for it at all. Sorry I didn’t save you any cookies for after you got your knee operated on. Did you go with Gill?” She let him down the loading ramp slightly faster than intended, using both feet to keep it from careening out of control. “Did he say anything about me?”

Roose chuckled a bit as he recalled something through the haze of fading anesthesia, “Well he might have mentioned something, but I don’t feel like it’s my place to say anything on account that I can’t recall half of it and was coming out of a hazy spot myself so I’m sure plenty of things were said.” He gave a small scratch at his nose, “Though I suppose you could ask him yourself when you get the chance.”

“That was the exact opposite of helpful.” She told him, a frown on her face. “But if you remember anything while having a few bourbons and wanna tell me, that would be okay too. Oh! If we hurry up, we can see the lights turn on! And tonight, we all drink, even you, Crew Chief. Did you know the drinking age here is sixteen?”

“You know I ain’t much of a drinker.” Vas said lazily walking along. “What was the drinking age again?” The punk joked with a chuckle.

To Be Continued....

JP Winters/Blitzen/Turk

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