Fake ID (Day 2 Early Evening)

Bolak stepped into the cargo bay and was met with a depressing sight. Both Haddie and Gill were sat sulking in silence. With the others all out enjoying the festivities, the two minors had been left behind to amuse themselves as they may. It seemed they had chosen not to bother.

"Why so glum?" Bolak asked as he plucked his pipe from an inner pocket and began to light it up.

"What? Oh nothing." Gill stood up to greet the passenger, "Can I help you sir."

"Oh now none of that sir nonsense, your sister and I are already acquainted." Bolak shook his injured hand a little at them memory and Haddie gave an apologetic smile.

"The name is Bolak." he gave a bow. "I don't suppose either of you have seen my employee Mr Mok? Tall fellow, wears a stetson all the time. Looks ridiculous on the man but there we have it. He wont be told."

"He went through about an hour ago." Gill explained, "Said something about needing a stiff drink."

"Did he now." Bolak frowned and took a deep draw from his pipe sending clouds of smoke into the air. "And why are you not out there?"

"I'm fifteen." Gill looked deflated, "and someone needs to keep an eye on her." he poked a thumb back towards his sister and she bobbed her tongue out at him.

"Now that just wont do. Let me see..." Bolak began to search his coat pockets mumbling under his breath until he found the item he was looking for.

"Ah! here we are." he handed Gill a small silver card with a data chip embedded in the leading edge.

"Whats this?" Gill peered down at the card turning it this way and that.

"That young man is an Alliance tax ID, you use it to pay customs fees on imported goods. You have to be eighteen to carry one and most places will recognise it for what it is."

"And who is Barnaby Burns?" Gill read the name off the front of the card.

"Why for one night only young man that is you. Now go out and have some fun young Barnaby and do not tell anyone I gave you that."

Gill made to leave and then suddenly looked crestfallen remembering his sister. Haddie was glaring at him and he slumped back down to sit on a nearby crate.

"I can't. She might steal the ship if I leave her."

Bolak gave a full belly laugh at that, "Tell you what lad, you go out an enjoy yourself and the young lady is welcome to join me on a small errand I have to run."

Haddie brightened at that and looked hopefuly between Gill and Bolak. Gill slowly shook his head,

"I dont know, its mighty kind of you and all but..."

"I know, I know you do not know me all that well and she is your little sister. You need to look out for her."

"Yes." Gill agreed.

"Let's put it this way," Bolak puffed merrily on his pipe, "I am making a nice profit from the business I am doing on this ship. I intend to stick around for a few jumps yet and I need some help with my work. I'd like to pay you and your sister to do a few odd jobs for me. I intend no harm and will go to some considerable lengths and expense to protect those in my employ. Ask Mr Mok. So how's about it? Are you up for earning a few credits for some honest labour here and there?"

"I... suppose." Gill replied as Haddie clapped her hands. "I mean sure."

"Good then." Bolak offered his hand and Gill shook it more firmly than intended, "Good grip you have there." Bolak flexed his fingers to let the blood back in.

"Tonight Haddie will help me with and errand and you master Gill will enjoy an evening out on me as down payment for services rendered, and I swear upon my very soul that no harm will come to you or your dear sister under while under my employ."

Bolak threw the lad a small coin pouch, "For your expenses."

With a little more encouraging Gill was off out into the night and Bolak turned to the one eyed hellion who remained. She was grinning from ear to ear in anticipation of pending adventure and he would not disappoint. Bolak threw her a shiny object and she snatched it out of the air.

"Shall we go see to some business?" he asked and she gave a firm nod as she tucked the lock-knife into her satchel.

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