All Dressed Up... (Day 2 - Early Evening)

Today, Dr. Adler actually had his room back.

The mass exodus of passengers had opened enough rooms to permit Roose a wheelchair friendly space for the night he’d actually need it. As he dressed for the evening, Dorian noted the bed with its’ rumpled sheets and blanket. “Ah’ll be changin’ those,” he muttered to himself, knowing full well the activities that had taken place there the night before.

The tuxedo was trim, fitting him crisply. He regarded himself in the full length mirror. Fortunately, the tailor had left just enough room in the jacket cut to permit the concealed shoulder holster. The gun’s presence did not alter the line of the suit. He nodded his approval.

Dorian stepped out to the cargo bay, to find his shuttle waiting. Rain had fallen steadily, bringing the driver to wait just inside the bay, umbrella at the ready. “Just a moment,” Doc lifted an index finger as he set off for the forward crew berths.

He made his way up, then forward. Many of the hatches were open. Riley’s, however, remained closed. Dorian offered a few quick taps. “Riley?” he called. “Our shuttle’s here. Yah about ready?”

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