The Last Word - part 3 (Early Morning before takeoff)

“Inconvenienced me? Gill because of you and your sister, I took the blow to keep you on this ship. I didn’t just get fired. I was drugged, enslaved, beaten, starved, electrocuted, then whipped for two days. I am not okay, you shouldn’t look up to me … you think i’m a bully - kid you don’t anything about me past my name.” Vas said exhaling sharply from his nose.

“So let me get this straight. My sister, a nine year old messes with our mechanic, a grown woman who then chooses to pull a shot gun on me, a fifteen year old and then when you ball her out Riley behaves like a complete dick and fires you and that is all my fault? Then… once you are fired some ass hole drugs you and tortures you, which is fucked up and that also is my fault? You take all these facts and come up with the conclusion that is this all down to me? You need some fucking help!”

“You’re minimizing. Haddie didn’t just ‘mess with our mechanic’ she caused a near catastrophic failure that almost killed everyone on the ship and does as much damage as near two lifetimes worth of bananas. Did she overreact by taking matters into her own hands and doing what she did. Yes, and she's been making a habit of it since. But that was also the price to buy her silence when she threatened to take it all to Riley and give you the boot. And YES kid … my whole adventure at they Skyhook WAS your fault because your actions had consequences that *I* had to paid for as did the guy who I …” Vas stopped and took a breath. “... we all fuck up. But you need to better, smarter and more thoughtful about your actions. Is it fair to ask that of you. Fuck no but life is far from fair … next time you need break ask a CREW MEMBER to watch you sister or Lyen or Yeva. Not a stranger who’s been flying with us a few days. That would have been the Right thing to do.”

“Fine!” Gill spat to angry then too say more he turned his back on the chief and took a few steadying breaths, “but I don’t agree. You’re the boss and I’ll do as you say but I don't agree that we are responsible for everything you want to put on us. Haddie messed up bad with the fuel line but everything after was decisions made by other people. Gorram bad decisions, and decisions we didn't make. You don't hear me going round blaming everything on how Reavers ate my parents but I could…” his voice grew quieter then as he repeated, “I could... Watched them scream and die and so did Haddie, and bad shit happened afterwards some of which I own some of which I don't.” He turned slowly then and looked the punk in the eye, his heart was pounding in his chest and for the first time since this conversation had started he remembered how much he actually respected and liked the guy and realisation brought a hot tear to his I. “I’ll own my shit Vas but I think you should start owning yours because it's not all on me.”

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