Shifting Cargo (Early Morning before takeoff)

Tempers and emotions held hands and danced a dizzying jig in the cargo bay. Everyone, well most folk, had been out dirtside for more hours than was probably sensible and it coated their sensibilities with a sticky mixture of exhaustion, alcohol and personal worries Elle wasn't privilege to. It definitely spit tobacco in the eye of the tension and ramped it up beyond what was good for folk.

Vas' back was all prickled up and his anger poked out like a mudfish flopping on the deck, its barbs sticking everyone who happened to be close and leaving a sore ache that'd be hours going away. Unaware of any prior drama and not knowing if it was just part of him, a dark side to the helpful and hard working man she'd known before this morning, Elle lacked context to judge his anger. And boy was he angry. Everyone got it, even people she didn't right think was his to be giving it to.

For her own part Elle stood with her head a bit down and shoulders hunched as if she was standing on the deck during a stinging rain you couldn't do anything but weather out. After Vas got done with her she didn't look up, didn't respond, and she sure didn't mouth off or give anyone her eyes. It seemed like she was just another ignorant girl in a Verse full of them and took what was her due without complaint. Others - didn't take it so well.

There wasn't going to be trouble, it and its shipmates were already here and reaching out to pick up wrenches and chains to misbehave. It made Elle feel sick in her stomach and worse when Marisol apologized then got sacked. Again she stood silent, not meeting any eyes, and just let the words flow around her. The only answer Elle gave was a nod when Serena took her by the elbow and told her to get on the cargo movin' and she'd do other things. That was good because there'd been acres of conflicting orders as to what she should do.

Plus it gave her a reason to skedaddle.

Things on a space ship were real different from the family owned boats she grew up on. Of course there was a captain, and people who you did what they said, but - well it was everyone's job to get stuff taken care of. If you saw a job what needed doin' you just got on doin' it. On her ships steam was readily available, flashed into life from the boilers, and easy if dangerous to clean with. She just figured Marisol would be able to tell Elle how to tap into it and she could have gotten on with the job. Elle didn't know nothing about no fungicide and couldn't have read the bottle anyway. On a space ship - well Elle guessed you just took everything to Vas and let him tell you what to do. If that's how he wanted it, that was how he wanted it.

Vas was still hot, giving it to the boy over off to one side of the cargo bay as she guided the always wanting to run your toes over pallet jack down the ramp. Thankfully the noise it made covered up whatever they were talking about and Elle was careful to keep her eyes off of them lest she be accused of anything else today.

She felt right awful for Marisol. Were she and the Chief bunking? The way the got on each other's backs like maybe they were mattress dancing on the sly and didn't want anyone to know. Of course he might be slipping it to Serena, the teen was as pretty as a sunrise after a cyclone and Vas had been willing to murder the man what poked a hole in Serena with a bullet.

Or maybe he wasn't getting any and was backed up? That could make a man powerful testy. Maybe that was it. Maybe Vas just needed to get laid.

The forks chipped wood off the first pallet as she slid it under then began to haul it up the ramp back into the Lunar Veil.

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