Spit....and Out (Early Morning, before Takeoff)

“Chavez.” Vas snapped done with her antics and flagrant disrespect. “Congrats, you earned yourself a demotion. You’re my newest deckhand.

Well, at least he wasn't hanging her by the neck this time.

Marisol paused on the stairway. For a brief moment, she took stock of everything that was left her in this life. She'd made her mistakes. Now, she was paying for them. Permitting Yeva and a very drunk Keller to talk her into returning aboard hadn't been her greatest misstep, but as she considered the future aboard a boat that to date had nearly done her in twice, she came to accept that this particular fuckup ranked "right up there."

She had no money. She had the mission.

Get to Highgate. Those were her orders.

From Beaumonde, there were lots of ways to get to Highgate...

"No, thanks!" Marisol replied cheerfully over her shoulder. "I'll pack my la shi and be off in five ticks."

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