Spit....and Out - Part 2 (Early Morning, before Takeoff)

Sister Lyen stood there, a bemused expression on her face and Daisy tugging at the leash. "Hi, sweetie!" Marisol gave the big dog a nuzzle, scratching her behind the ears. The disquiet in Lyen's eyes offered the impression that she'd borne witness to the entire exchange. The mechanic gave her friend a secretive smile, before dismissively brushing a shoulder. "Got time for lunch?" she asked the Sister. "Sorry, I've gotta run," the diminutive woman shrugged as she mounted the steps.

The nun's concern melted at Marisol's approach. She looked as charming as ever, but hollow somehow. And that smile? Lyen had to unload a sideways glance to return a friendly nod.

Then, Vas's tirade continued. Ly shook her head, brows knit together in mounting anguish. And for the undeserved horns from Vas Jat? Marisol's reply: "I'll pack my la shi and be off in five ticks."

Her heart fell into her throat. Daisy followed the mechanic, sensing the need to git, but not before Ly leveled a glare over her shoulder. The fluffy beast was on Marisol's heels in moments, straining against her leash.

"Hold on," Ly choked out, "wait, Marisol," even now, in the most inopportune moment, saying her name caught in her chest. At the landing, her hand fell on the woman's resolute shoulder, "That was crazy in there, Vas was way off base. He was laying into everyone. He just needs to cool off. Hopefully he'll see you were just trying to help." She was aiming to believe that Vas might change his mind with some distance, apologize even. But Ly's eyes were having trouble keeping the faith. It was no secret the pair were oil and water.

"Walk with me?" was all that she could think to say. Take an unsolicited walk, with a dog and a nun, in the brisk cold before the sun? "I promise I'll only take one tick," she said, reading the face of a woman not in the mood for cute joking.

What she meant to ask was, are you really leaving? would you really go? could this be goodbye?, but her mouth said, "What do we have to lose?" She instantly regretted those six words, biting her tongue.

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