On Captains and Colonels (DAY 4: MORNING)

“You ever get the feelin’ there’s a storm brewing?” Riley rolled her eyes as Keller let himself onto the bridge.

“I get the feeling you’ve said that to me before, Sir. Many, many, many times.”

“And I don’t think I’ve been wrong yet.” He said, taking a seat.

“Please, Sir,” she said dryly. “Take a seat, I’d love company.”

The Captain nodded, taking off his cap. “Ship’s gotten a bit more lilac as of late, meant to talk to you about that ‘fore all the smash and bash happened.”

“Lilac?” Riley asked warily.

“Your friend, Captain Chiseled Abs. Purple Belly.”

“Valari?” Riley confirmed. So Valari wasn’t just being a little bitch about it, the captain did say or do something. “He was a Lieutenant Colonel, not a capt…”

“Not the point I’m making,” Keller chastised going to toss his hat on the dash, but he stopped. “What’s this?” He picked up the broach, flipping it over in his hands only to have it snatched by Riley.

“It’s personal.” She told him, wiping his grubby prints from it before putting it back in its proper spot.

“From Captain Chiseled Abs?”

“Lieutenant Colonel Chiseled Abs, and no. If you need to know, which obviously you do, it’s from Adler.”

“He still around?” Riley glared, “I’m just asking. I haven’t heard any bedsprings in a while.”

“Since he’s had patients to take care of and lost one of his medical assistants, and Sir? You listen?”

“Not intentionally. Well, yes, intentionally. Firecracker hasn’t been around, and a Captain has needs -- “

“Was there a point to your visit, Sir?”

“Hmmm? Oh! Yes. Purple Bellies. We cater to a certain clientele, sometimes --”

Riley held up a hand. “Let me stop you, Sir. The war ended. Has me being pilot of this ship ever created an issue?” The captain went to answer, but she interrupted again. “Because of the side of the war I fought on? Before you hurt yourself thinking, let me tell you - it did not.”

“I just want to know how long Captain Chiseled Chin is going to be on my ship.” He retorted.

“I thought it was Chiseled Abs… And this, Sir, -- Is my ship. Valari stays.”

“You got your one veto override with the doc,“ the captain tsk’d. “We’ll see what happens on Silverhold.”

“If you’re planning to make me choose,” she looked up to make direct eye contact with the Captain as he stood. “You probably aren’t gonna like the outcome. He saved my life. I own this ship. You can do that math in your head, can’t you?”

Keller shifted his jaw and put the hat back on top his head. “Good talk, Lieutenant.”

“Yes, Sir.” She agreed. “Very informative. Now get off my bridge.”

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