Captain's And Cat Ladies (Day 4 Evening)

Dishes were done. AGAIN. How hard was it for a passenger to stop eating after dinner was over? Serena inwardly groused. Every time she passed the galley, there were two or three dishes, a few glasses and mugs that materialized out of nowhere. She finished wiping her hands on the dish towel, folding it neatly next to the sink.

Keller’s hat was tossed onto the galley table, and a chair scraped across the floor. Serena unpacked her angry eyes, but the Captain’s hand on her arm stopped her from marching out. “Hold up, Pigtails,” he said, as if he didn’t even notice about her eyes. “Why don’t you pour a couple of bourbons, and we’ll have us a little chat.”

Serena pointed with both index fingers toward her eyes. “I see ‘em, I sees ‘em,” the captain replied, rolling his own. “Just pour.”

Orders were orders, regardless of how angry her eyes were, and the Crew Chief would be disappointed if she didn’t show respect for that. She poured him exactly three fingers, not a drop more and it wasn’t even her best pour. Nothing was added except disgust and anger. She poured herself half the amount and set both on the table.

“Sit, sit.” He said, folding himself into one of the chairs. Serena grumbled but complied as he continued. “Received a complaint today from one of the passengers, wanted to bring it to your attention.”

“Was it Mistah Wargrave? Stamps are a stupid thing to collect, and I told him that I needed to set his coffee down, it weren’t my fault that the ship took that moment to bounce around some.”

“No, he didn’t mention the stamps, this was more a complaint about some of your…. Activities.” Serena raised both eyebrows. “As of late.” He continued. “With that boy.”

“Gil? We haven't had sex since we left Beaumonde.”

“Not pint -- I mean -- what were you doing last night?” He asked, leaning forward on the table to take his glass of whiskey.

“Sleepin’, like I do everynight.” She shot back.

“With the rooster boy?”

“Naw, he made me go back to mah own bunk after, even though I had to stop by in the morning to get some more in ‘fore work. It’ll be a lot easier when he’s not confined to his room for somethin’ he didn’t do, that’s for sure.”

“So you two… are sleeping together?”

“No sir, like I just said, there was no sleeping. I went back to my own bunk for that.” She said, slowing her words down for him.

Keller took a sip and leaned back into his chair. “Confined to quarters is supposed to be a punishment. What kind of punishment is it if you go down there and well… go down, there.”

Serena raised her eyebrows, confused. “I don’t understand--”

“You don’t have to deny it, the crazy cat lady said she heard it, clear as day.”

“But I…”

Keller held up a hand, and stood up, grabbing his glass from the table. “The walls are thin, pigtails, passengers don’t want to hear you having sex. Crew might be interested, but try to be a little discreet, would ya? Please and thanks in advance.”

“But I use discretion!” She called after him as he left the galley. “And he doesn’t even like me like that! And these are still my angry eyes! ”

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