Passing Time Three! (Some Day in the Black)

The Lunar Veil was quiet now
all product stowed and stored
the deckhand healed and mooning
no justice to afford

The guilty party roaming free
a ship on edge for days
the crew chief under lock and key
Serena in a haze

Our pilots passing ships at night
a doctor all perturbed
ne're a Riley within sight
is love twixt them disturbed?

The cook, the kids, the merchant still
about their business go
the captain and companion, now
maintain the status quo

The dear mechanic Marisol
hither, thither, and yon
was never far from Lyen's mind
a font at which to fawn

There's something oddly calming here
the silence in the Black
Ly thought as she drew laundry near
each sock and trouser stacked

Dear Daisy craned her neck and whined
a yawn, a stretch, a moan
you're right, she thought, let's wrap this up
it bores me to the bone

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