The Wait (Day 5-6 Over Night)

(I wanted to rhyme this too - but I failed. )

Serena sat outside the medbay, her feet barely scraping the floor. It was the same chair she’d huddled in not long ago when she was new to the ship. If anyone could fix things it was Mistah Doctah Adluh, and Lyen. She didn’t think she ever seen him so worried over nothing or nobody. And Lyen, Lyen whose pretty eyes were like hers were wet with tears that streamed down her face. Then again, she could have just imagined it, as it was hard to see through the little window. She stood watch for a while, not sure what she was seeing, content to sit and hold Bart Junior, curling up in a ball when her feet got tired of swinging.

The lieutenant drew near, asking for a report but all Serena could offer was a shrug. Despite her protests, Riley sent the pigtailed teen to bed. There was nothing they could do but wait for word, and work wouldn’t stop in the morning for the teenager. Instead the pilot took her place, seated outside the med bay, a promise made to see to it the mechanic would get Bart Junior for comfort when she woke up. For now, the lone bear sat on the seat next to Riley, who settled in for the night. Drake could handle the ship. Vas if need be. She’d wait there til there was word on the mechanic.

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