The Next Day Part 1 (Day 6 Morning)

It was morning the next day and the rumor mill was working double time. Marisol was still resting in the med bay looked after faithfully by Lyen and the Doctor but for the rest of the folk counted as crew, there was an endless amount of work to be done. It was a full boat after all. Particularly with a full boat and now a passenger confined to their quarters.

Vas, his name cleared could breathe an epic sigh of relief. No longer confined to his room he was happy to resume his duties. Though that wasn’t going to stop his morning and nightly work with Serena! He piled his breakfast on his plate and meandered to the crew table.

What was breakfast to Vas was dinner to Drake. “Hey look who got sprung from prison. How was your vacation?” He teased.

“I would rather a bit more sun personally …” Vas snorted. “... it good to out and about again.

Elle was late to breakfast. Not late late, just had a bit of trouble with getting one of the staterooms sorted out to the exacting standards Serena had set in Vas’ absence, but late enough that she had to choose where to sit. She took more time than normal getting her coffee before she reached into the hole and drug the eel out by sitting across from Vas. Directly across from him and his mohawk.

The eggs were watery, the toast burned, and the - she supposed it was meat - was grey. Roose told a fine tale but the man couldn’t cook for anything. Eyes down, she said her little eating prayer that the Shepherd had taught.

“Who’s babying the engine?” she asked.

Vas tried not to look at Drake.

“Oh … no … no! Nope! …” Drake protested.

“Literally the only other person who can work on machines that don’t just bang on them till it works.” Vas reasoned.

“I just got off the 3rd shift.” Drake pointed out.

“I’m just saying make sure she’s purring proper so we all don’t die ... “ Vas said with a shrug. “ … not like she was in poor condition in the first pace you know.”

“Not dyin’ would be my preference too on account of then none of us could…” She looked askance at the breakfast in front of her. “Enjoy Roose’s cookin’”, she rubbed her stomach in a dramatic fashion and gave a thumbs up to the cook. “Please, Dream… I mean… Drake?”


JP with Winters, Blitzen and Noemi

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