The Next Day Part 2 (Day 6 Morning)

“I ain’t leaving ya high dry we can split third shift till Doc clears the mechanic then we can all resume our normal schedules.” Vas said laying out the plan. He had done nights in the pilot seat before so it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle.

“Yea yea yea. I’ll do a check before I turn in.” Drake relented. He really should start leaving that off his resume.

“Passenger showers been scrubbed?” Serena asked Elle, just as sharply as she intended.

“You can eat off the floors,” Elle answered. “Maybe you should try it if you want to go check.”

“Rather eat off the crew table like the Captain says to,” Serena shot back. “‘Course, I know how to listen.”

“Doc invited me to come eat with him,” she protested. Elle put both of her feet in their big work boots flat on the floor, then laid her spoon down on the table. “Maybe you didn’t hear that.”

“Xiǎng yào!(Enough!)” Vas barked. “Nǐmen liǎ dōu xiàng yòu'ér!(You're both acting like toddlers)” He said to both. “Serena, you're a spacer with hands down the most experienced. Act like it. Elle. Last I checked Doc wasn’t Captain. Captain says crew don’t eat at the galley don’t eat at the galley short of the Captain’s leave. Now can we PLEASE have a peaceful breakfast on my first day OUT of my room?” He said looking between them for an affirmative. They didn’t have to like each other but they would be civil … in front of him at least.

“Bàoqiàn….” (Sorry), Serena replied, as recalcitrantly as she could muster before biting into a half-burned piece of toast. It was on the tip of her tongue to insist the redheaded deck started it, but the Crew Chief asked for peace, and orders were orders.

Her feet stayed on the floor, only her jaw moving as it tightened up like she was biting back her words. They came out soon enough, directed squarely at Vas. “You got any more two faced orders you want me to try to follow not follow? Cuz that’s all I’m hearing from you. Do what Doc says. Don’t do what Doc says. Don’t do nothing without telling me or being told. Only that one,” she stabbed an extremely rude finger at Serena, “went and got her little back up when you didn’t tell me to and so I didn’t do nothing. She’s been riding mine ever since and I need her to steer clear before I put her on the rocks.”

Serena’s hackles raised and she grit her teeth on the verge of telling Elle to go ahead and try it on account of she’d get a face full of jab jab kick duck, but orders were orders, and at least she weren’t her problem no more. Instead the teen glared daggers while biting her tongue. Besides, Karma got the deckhand once. It’d likely happen again.

(JP - Winters, Blitzen, Cakes)

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