The Next Day Part 3 (Day 6 Morning)

Apparently a bout of deafness had struck his deckhand. “Sit.” Vas instructed Elle. “Since you need explaining on how this boat operates and I got the time I’ll tell you. I run the crew as the Lieutenant likes it. She tells me what needs done I give you, my crew the orders. Captain gives an order. Same deal. Now for the health and well being of the crew when you’re in the infirmary, you listen to Doc. He says, stay put, while he’s fixing you up, stay put. So if CAPTAIN says don’t eat at the galley … and Doc or the Mechanic or anyone BUT the Captain invites you. You politely turn it down. That's called a hierarchy. Captain, The lieutenant, Crew chief … Doc has his domain in the infirmary. That untangle it?” Vas lean back waiting to see if she had questions.

It didn’t. It didn’t at all. Elle felt tears wanting to well up in her eyes, just a sign of her stress and frustration, but she refused to let them flow. Not in front of the two of them anyway. From the moment she’d come on she’d worked and worked and never needed to be told to find something to turn her hand to. Only after she tried to ask for help from Marisol so she could work more did it get all - all broken like this. It went completely against who she was and Elle didn’t know how to fix it or even to get them to understand.

“Yeah,” she said and picked up her plate, more than half of it uneaten. Elle slopped it into the bin then turned back to the table. “What do you want me to do today, Chief?”

“I would like you to sit and enjoy your breakfast … as best as any human can …” Vas said looking at his toast. Well. He had done worse to bread he supposed. “ … so if ya have a question now is the time to ask while I … try to … have toast …” He said scrapping the black off. At this rate, there wasn’t going to be much toast left!

Probably a better job than he would have done …

Elle sat, sans plate or coffee. Her jaw was back tight again but she didn’t look like she was ready to grab pigtails and see if she could braid them together in a new way.

“We good? Everything good? Ya’ll have till I finished breakfast to ask me questions.” Vas stated Trying to cover the burned flavor with a liberal amount of butter.

“Sure … if a tree falls and no one is around to hear it …” Drake started.

“How did you survive the academy?” Vas chuckled.

“... Still a legit question …” Drake snark with a grin.

“I’m good,” Serena replied in a flat tone.

“No questions... Chief,” her eyes on Serena.

“I have a q- …” Drake started.

“No you don’t Drake.” Vas said eyeing the pilot who couldn’t help but snicker. “Am I going to have problems with you two Ley māo(alleycats)?” He said looking between the two. They both had the look of being one bell ring away from leaping over the table at each other.

(JP - Winters, Blitzen, Cakes)

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