The Next Day Part 5 (Day 6 Morning)

“You … going to do anything about that.” Dake said as the voices gave way to thuds of slaps and jabs.

“Soon as I finish my toast.” Vas said with a sigh.

“Maybe.” Elle took another step forward, then another, eyes locked on Serena’s face. “Or maybe you will. Maybe you’re mad it wasn’t you that had the guts to do it. Are you scared?” she asked and kept closing the distance to Serena one step at a time, a line of blood marking her path.

“Scared?” Serena scoffed. “Of what? Qí yán fèn tǔ yě (Your words are nothing but shit). Only thing I’m scared of is you gettin’ hurt and me havin’ to apologize to your bèndàn (Dumb egg) face, which, by the way, I am not sorry for, but I’ll say I’m sorry on account of that’s what guilt is for accordion’ to Lyen, and she’s got pretty eyes like mine AND knows all her letters!”

Good.” Elle wiped her hand across her nose and face then slung it onto the ground, incidentally spattering pigtails pants. God it hurt! It hurt way more than it should but Elle knew how to live with pain. “Then we ain’t got a problem. You ain’t scared and I ain’t scared and we can leave each other be. You stay out of my work and my face and I’ll do the same.” Elle held her bloody hand out.

“Fine. You do what you gotta do and don’t give the crew chief no guff and we ain’t got no problems.” Serena agreed, eyeing the girl’s hand before holding hers out to shake, keeping her left fist in the striking zone just in case it was needed.

“Nope,” she didn’t let go of Serena’s hand. “Crew Chief speaks for himself and ain’t got no problem I seen sorting out problems. Not your place to tell me to leave him be. Hi - hire - whatever the word was he said.”

“Crew looks out for crew.” Serena shot back, recoiling her hand. “And you’re supposed t’be crew. “

“The word you are looking for is HIERARCHY …” Vas said from the second-floor loft. “ … You know I can hear you right?” And the sound of boots coming down the stairs. “Neither of you were being … what the new word you been using. Discreet?” He said stalking up to the both of them. “All I wanted was some damn toast …” He muttered.

“Discretion, but we didn’t have sex.” Serena insisted, pointing between her and Elle.

Vas blinked. “That … is not what the word means.” He said pinching the bridge of his nose. “I thought you two were checking the cargo.” He said moving on from the awkwardness that was Serena’s personal dictionary.

(JP - Winters, Blitzen, Cakes)

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