The Next Day Part 6 (Day 6 Morning)

“We did. It’s fine,” Elle said without looking at Vas and pretending Serena didn’t have a slap mark on her face and she wasn’t leaking blood like Doc was going to have kittens in delight at having something to do. “Ain’t that right?”

Serena raised one eyebrow, and looked confused. “Ain’t what right? No, we came in here and you stuck your knife in that crate and said “Get to it,” and I said “Get to what” and you said “Don’t be dumb” and I said don’t you be dumb, and then we hit each other and we didn’t check nothin.” She said in one breath. “I don’t lie on account of I don’t want lied to.”

“So when I asked was I going to have a problem with you two and you said no what do you call that?” Vas said directly to Serena.

“Somethin’ that just happened, but it wasn’t my--”

“So when is EVER okay to fight and draw blood of crew?” Vas said his tone dropping.

Serena rolled her eyes. “Never, unless --”

“-Unless nothing. We are CREW. You may not get along, you don’t have to like each other but we make it work. If you two have so much time on your hands to fight like territorial rabbits then clearly I’m doing something wrong.” He said sharply to both of them.

“We came to an understanding,’” Serena told him, her ears growing hot.

“Oh, I heard you two understanding each other alright. Her slap and your punch.” Vas said bearing down on the girl. “She’s new. To ALL of this.” Vas said with a wave. “But you. Are not. That fact I have to REMIND you of this … I expected more from you, Serena.” Vas turned to Elle. “Elle … I don’t know what kinda boat you were on in the past but if lying and slapping fellow crew was ever acceptable. They're not here. Ever. If either you two get the notion it’s okay to fight while I’m Crew Chief I’ll give something to fight and neither of you will like it. Understood?”

“Wǒ lǐjiě nǐ.”(I understand you) Serena said grudgingly, crossing her arms. “Bàoqiàn, Crew Chief.”

"Leaving ain't an option on this boat ... Crew don't quit on crew." He said to the both of them.

The Hell it wasn’t but Elle kept her mouth shut except to say “Yes, Chief.” She waited to make sure Vas didn’t have nothing more to say then turned to go wash up and find a handful of painkillers.

Serena packed a punch for all she was pint sized.

“Zhè shì tā mā de” (This is fucking shit) Serena grumbled, giving a wide berth to the other deckhand before storming off for her own chores.

Vas watched as both women stormed off to their respective corners. “So no one is checking the - and they are gone.”

“I think it's a ‘No’ to whatever question you had.” Drake called out from the second floor.

“Don’t you have an engine room to check.” Vas said flatly.

“Can I storm off dramatically?” Drake joked.

“Sure why not …” Vas said with a sigh.

Thank you, Cakes, for the blast we had with this! Cakes, Blitzen & Winters JP

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