Dramatic Exit (Day 6 Morning)

The sooner this got done the sooner he could crash and with the drama that unfolded during the night, no one had been back in the Engine Room. First and most glaring was the drying pool of blood.

Not horrifying at all.

Drake sifted through all the solvents and degreasers until he found an ACTUAL cleaner and off to scrub it all away. It had dried pretty thick so he had to really put some elbow grease into it.

Now that the engine room smelled of lemons and pine, satisfied with his work he turned his attention to the room. It was then he noticed one of the grates was up leading down to maintain the primary thruster.

He closed it putting it back in place.

Firefly engine rooms always felt cramped to the Drake, then again he was taller and bigger than the current mechanic so that went without saying. Roomy to her would come across and claustrophobic to him.

He did the standard check, it was all very dry and dull but all very well recorded. Drake made sure the trouble spots were still working. Noted any issues forming or continuing in the logbook.

With everything really in good order he was glad it didn’t take long to finish. Cleaning the grease from his hand he headed to his bunk to catch some sleep. Hopefully, the current mechanic would make a speedy recovery and with the culprit receiving a thorough beat down ... Things could fall back into its normal rhythms.

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