Quiet Entrance - (Day 6 Morning)

It took a moment for her to realize that her first glimpse had only been through one eye. That eye was now tightly closed, after the rude brightness of the treatment lamp. Her right hand lifted, fingertips touching gingerly upon bandaging which seemed to cover the right half of her face, banding over her forehead and around her head. “Que?” she asked sleepliy.

A shadow passed over. She opened her eye more cautiously, this time finding some protection in the silhouette that hovered above her. “Dorian?”

“Nice tah have yah back,” the medic offered a smile. “What’s yah name?”

“Marisol Chavez.”

“What are yah children’s names?”

“Maria, Annalisa, and Luis.”

“Good,” the medic nodded. “What’s yah husband’s name?”


Adler laughed. “Sounds like yah got yah faculties. What do yah remembah?”

She turned her head as if craning for the recollection. “I was in the engine room? Did I fall?”

“Yes,” he said, “aftah a passengah clocked yah with a wrench.”

“That explains the hangover,” she observed. “What was a passenger doing in the engine room….oh wow,” she made to rise. “I gotta go check…”

“Whatcha gotta do is rest,” he laid a hand upon her shoulder to settle her. “That new pilot, Drake Whatshisname…he’s got it covered.”

“When can I get out of here?”

“Yah got yah skull cracked last night, Marisol,” Dorian answered. “Lyen and Ah had tah open yah up tah repair it. Yah also took some nasty facial wounds when yah hit tha deck. We’ll take tha bandages off this aftahnoon, but fah now, yah need tah rest.”

“Actually,” she said, “I’ve gotta pee.”

“Ah’ll walk yah there,” he offered his arm.

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