The Uninvited - Part 3 (Day 1 - Late Evening)

Adler laughed, “Ahhhh…no.”

Leo raised an eyebrow. “You haven’t heard what I’m offering.”

The medic chuckled. “What Ah have heard is textbook persuasion one-oh-one…set me off balance by pointin' out mah personal difficulties, paint tha darkest picture possible with a liberal sprinklin’ of half truths, and then go fah tha kill with the offah of impossible riches. And not a single credit mentioned. Tha next time,” he gestured with his glass, “lead with tha money. Yah’ll get furthah.”

“Ah!” Bennett gave a predatory smile. “Next time’, you say. So our negotiations have just begun, then. Excellent.”

“Nevah say nevah, Ah suppose,” Adler shrugged.

Leo rose to his feet. “And it’s a long way to Highgate,” he replied. “I’ll look forward to seeing just how many of those ‘half truths’ have reached fruition by the time of our next conversation.”

“Enjoy yahself, suh,” Adler said as he collected his tablet. “Don’t conjure Ah’ll be payin’ that much heed.”

“But you should,” the passenger grinned. “Because you’re both being undermined. ‘Crew looks out for crew,’ he smirked, “unless it’s Marisol and you.” His eyes widened in faux surprise. “Verse in the ‘verse!” he laughed. “Poetry slam I am!”

Doc’s eyes narrowed with impatience. “Ah have no idea what this is about.”

“You don’t,” the man’s grin widened, “But you will. You will,” he repeated as he turned away. “Have a pleasant evening, Doctor Adler!” Leo called over his shoulder, before heading off to his room.

Dorian watched him go. A direct, purposeful stride, he thought of Leo’s gait. Should at least have the decency to slink away like a proper villain.

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