Number 7 - Part 2 (Day 1 - Late Evening)

Finding his muse utterly quashed by Leo’s visit, Dorian collected his things and moved to the infirmary. I should check on our mechanic, he thought as he stowed the tablet. Bet she hasn’t stopped to eat.

The infirmary door resounded with two crisp knocks before sliding open. “Why, Lieutenant,” Dorian caught sight of the woman. “How yah keepin’ tahnight?”

”At least I see you’ve replaced me with good company,” Riley answered with a chuckle.

The medic smiled. “Mistah Bennett has offered me an excitin’ professional oppahtunity,” he responded. “Ah could be his partnah, and make an undisclosed sum of money.”

As was the Riley Thorne he knew, she came straight at her topic. “So was it a faux pas at that fancy black tie party? I thought it went well. I thought the night after in my cabin went really well, but it seems you’ve been avoiding me ever since. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t owe me anything - if this isn’t what I thought it was becoming, maybe I had my signals crossed. But I’d like to know one way or the other, and I’m not much for mincing words. So what’s going on?”

Dorian’s brows lifted, a combination of two parts surprise and one part cognition of the significance of what she’d just laid before him. “Ah’ll tell yah everythin’ yah want tah know,” he said as he closed the infirmary door. “And Ah promise not tah mince words. But first,” he stood before her, “yah mentioned what yah think this is becomin’. Ah need tah hear what that is.”

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