Up on the Roof (Late Evening Day 1) Part 6

Serena's outside voice echoed through the PA system, causing Lyen to perk up with her evening tea in hand. Several passengers in the galley also pricked their ears at the mention of a party and libations. Ly shook her head with a smile. She, and everyone else, (except for Leo) had been "cardinally" invited. Serena's whims were as unpredictable as the wind.

She wasn't much for cards or alcohol, but a gathering under the stars? Who could resist!

Elle's wages still clinked in the satchel at her waist; such an important charge shouldn't be left unattended, the nun reasoned. Still, she wondered at the significance their liaison held. Elle was still somewhat of a mystery, so focused was she on her work and her worth. Ly hoped to be taken up on the offer of a meal and to stretch their legs at the next port, if they were able.

Ly finished her tea and quit the galley, but not before scooping up a blanket from the sitting area for their topside gazing. From the bottom rung she could hear laughing and conversation, and, pausing, she quietly gave thanks to the 'Verse for this hull she called home. As she ascended the ladder she wished that Marisol could be there, too--to gaze at the stars of Silverhold. She'd be resting, the nun thought, attended by the watchful care of Adler. There was no safer place on the ship.

As she mounted the last run her smile only widened. Serena and Gill stood close together, such a cute pairing. Yazmina, the companion, was chatting with Vas and a new face she hadn't been introduced to. And Elle was there, too, among the throng. It was she Lyen approached first.

"Hello again." She smiled, hugging her arms to her chest, "It's so beautiful," the night had proven clear, and the nun's arm extended to clouds at the horizon, "a mackerel sky, do you see that?"

The light of the half moon lit the tops of the clouds in their rows upon rows, a frame for the stars. Lyen was content to stand quietly beside the deckhand, enjoying the revelry around them.

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