Up on the Roof (Late Evening Day 1) Part 7

Using Vas' description, Elle was trying to figure out what Greenleaf looked like. He'd used some high cred words and she was struggling with them. Fertile was easy enough, like a fish heavy with orange roe or a girl who was always swollen up in her belly. Expansive though, that was tough. It sounded like it meant it cost a lot but what did that mean with respect to a forest. And what was a rain forest anyway? Jungle she understood, Newhall being dotted with small islands that had them. Vas was sure smart, she stubbornly admitted, even if he was a -

"...a mackerel sky, do you see that?"

The Sister was suddenly beside her, surprising Elle who hadn't really heard her come up. "Mackerel sky, mackerel sky, never long wet and never long dry," she half sang, half murmured. Elle turned, an admiring look in her face. "You know about that, Sister? Didn't think anyone that wasn't wave born knew that. Huh."

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