Number 7 (Day 1 Late Evening) Part 3

. “Ah’ll tell yah everythin’ yah want tah know,” Dorian said as he closed the infirmary door. “And Ah promise not tah mince words. But first,” he stood before her, “yah mentioned what yah think this is becomin’. Ah need tah hear what that is.”

“We haven’t moved beyond you show me yours and I show you mine?” Riley asked with a wry grin. Her heart might have been in her throat, but years of bearings training kept her even keel. Besides, she wasn’t a grade schooler with a crush, it was better to know then be strung along. “All right.” She took off her beret, holding it rolled in one hand. You graduated the gorram academy. Deep breath. She softened both her eyes and her tone. “I thought we had a romantic connection, something more than just physical. If you need me to describe it, it’s like being at the very top of a rollercoaster, dizzying and exciting and terrifying, right at the top edge looking over. I’m falling for you Dorian. And if this is one sided, I need to know now while I can still stop the ride.“ There it was, heart on her sleeve. Ball in his court.

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