Up on the Roof (Evening Day 1) Part 10

Riley let herself up through the hatch, taking a moment to survey the ‘damage’. Lyen, Elle, Dr. Chakel, unexpected. But the ringleader was there, and sure enough, there was zero regard for personal safety. The lieutenant whistled through her teeth. “I want this area vacated, now!” She barked. “There’s plenty of places inside the ship for your shindig that won’t result in some gorram idiot’s broken neck. Let’s go, inside, those of you I can order - consider it that. Those of you I can’t order, this area is off limits to. Move it. And you -” She pointed to the punk. “You got more hair on your head than brain cells in it.”

“Yes Lieutenant.” Vas said standing up. “Arrite guys you heard the Lieutenant … doble time off the ship - very funny Gill DOWN the hatch not over the edge … You all can continue your jolly festivities at the Crew table. Just remember you have to work tomorrow …” The punk said shooing them along.

Serena had been engrossed in a game with Gil. “But you said we could have a party outside the ship!” She reminded him, the plum wine overriding her thought process. “Member?”

“And we did.” Vas said using the good grace of the ever patient Buddha to not fling every member off the Crew down the long and fast way. “Your superior officer has given you an order. Crew Chief.” He pointed to himself. “Lieutenant.” He pointed to Riley. “So Deckhand now that I’ve reminded you what pecking order is here … is that the play you wanna stick with?” He asked Serena.

Serena was about to reply, but the sight of the Lieutenant was instantly sobering. “Oh, sorry, No, Crew Chief. That's not my play, sorry.” She fought the urge to giggle, not that the situation was funny, it’s just… everything was funny. Picking up the cards and empty bottle, she scampered down the ladder.

Riley folded her arms and gave Jat what could only be described as ‘the look.’

Vas rocked on his heels as the last of the people climbed down trying to look semi innocent. Clearly it didn’t work. “Better than sneaking out and raising hell. Crew needed to blow off steam that didn’t result in me yelling at ‘em so we had a … team building exercise in some fresh air.” He shrugged.

“And this seemed like a good idea to you? You couldn’t set up folding chairs just outside the ship?” She asked, raising her eyebrows.

“They weren't allowed to leave the ship.” He pointed out. “Plus ya got a nice breeze and nice clear view of the sky. I can also threaten to toss ‘em over the edge if they misbehave!” Somehow that was a positive to Vas.

“Have you been drinking Jat?” She asked, sternly.

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