Up on the Roof (Evening Day 1) Part 11

“I had a small cup … or two of plum wine.” He said clearing his throat. Sake and plum wine where his choice of poison just not something that was around on the ship much with it being dominated by whisky addicts. It was nice plum wine!

“We’ll talk in the morning.” She told him, her eyes narrowing. “Go have your team building exercise. I find hollering much more satisfying if the person getting yelled at is hung over. Get.”

“Yes Lieutenant.” Vas said a little too cheerfully and he quickie went to inspect the par- Team building area. He so didn’t want a bottle or blanket to fly down in front of the cockpit before he too made himself scarce.

Riley took the blanket out of his hands, then nodded for him down the hatch. She had a little time to kill, and the punk was right, nice breeze, nice clear view of the sky, and the ability to pitch anyone who showed up to disturb her over the side. “You can have this scrubbed in the morning before take off,” She told him, side stepping where… she hoped that was wine … had spilled, setting down the blanket in a clean area, Adler on her mind.

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