It’s NOT what you think … Is it? (Evening Day 1) Part 1

After the party was broken up Crew and Passenger alike filtered down Vas was the last to make sure everything was cleaned up and shooed his crew along. He closed the hatch and climbed down the ladder.

Leo now deep in his cups watched the parade from a distance, his dark eyes glittering. Seeing the punk along he mused how his hair didn’t seem to reflect the hostility the raging peacock normally displayed.

The imagery made him chuckle. He swayed ambling forward using the wall to help steady himself. “Looks like it was one hell of a party … I would have joined but …” Leo flourished a hand in the air trying to find the right word. “ … persona non grata and the like.”

He could hear the annoyed snort from the young man … no … no … the height and the build could fool most but he was still a boy. Quick-tempered, violent but most of all in so many ways naive!

“It wasn’t a party, it was a team building exercise.” The boy punk puffed defensively.

“Uh-hu.” Leo chuckled stepping closer. He could see Vas bristle and not from the comment. Granted there was the air of endless hostility the boy shot forward but there was a subtle tone of uncomfortableness when Leo stalked closer. “Sure, ‘team-building’ maybe a double dash of guilt? Since the one who kicked mud in your face got away with it. Again.”

Leo grinned when Vas’s eyes narrowed to thin blue slits. “I mean probably don’t help all these fine ladies and nothing to warm the frigid bed anymore … well then again rumor had it you and the sweetest little pigtailed tart are -”

“Wǒ shénme yě kàn bù dào, zhǐyǒu rèfēng (I can't see anything, only hot air)… so I would choose your next words wisely before I tie your Fèifèi de pìgu (Baboon ass) into a knot.”

“So full of threats and pomp and bluster, and here I just wanted to make sure everyone safely got back to their rooms. Also?” Leo swayed stepping closer.

The boy leaned back wrinkling his nose. The booze was strong with this one!

“I did a little digging on Kate Russokova...oh, that’s right, you know her as Yeva Schnabel. Well, she’s doing just fine. How do I know this?” Leo said in leaning forward.

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