It’s NOT what you think … Is it? (Evening Day 1) Part 2

“Don’t ruttin care.” Vas shot back. “Doc already cleared that ‘cuz your clearly mix up and how the hell …”

“Shhh shhhh shhhhhhh shhh shhhhhhh.” Leo shushed handwaving. “No one cares about that. What matters is I was ruttin her like a bull in heat, she loved it but the way, and I did some homework on her. In her. Both”

Predictably the boy made a disgusted face. “Your ssoooooo adorably naive with this tough act … baby cheeks … falling for any hand that’s even half nice you to.” Leo laughed seeing Vas going red.

“As if that was all … Doc has some skellies in his closet alright …” He said with a toothy grin.

“Doctor has been lying to you all.” Leo sang. “And if he’s lying … so is the mechanic.” He continued to sing.

Leo cut Vas off before he could speak.

“I mean damn … as if lying wasn’t enough you think I run around rutting … I have standards at least … Doc though, rutting the mechanic, rutting the Lieutenant, probably guna rut both your perdy deckhands giving enough time. Not including all the cat houses … man is indiscriminate …” Leo though knew when to stop any further and Vas would pop. Pissing the punk off was an art form. You had to push just enough but not too hard. He was a good dog after all.

“Leo … I swear to Buddha leave or-” The punk started full of piss and vinegar.

“What? Hit me? Right … the paying passenger. We saw how well that went last time.” Leo said, emboldened. “Poor little Crew Chief all pent up and zero outlet. Must be exhausting trying to protect everyone on the ship and failing miserably … ” He egged. “... Maybe it’s just a case of the wrong tool for the job.”

Leo’s lips curled into a cat-like smile seeing the mix of anger and confusion played across that boyish face of Vas. “I’m just saying I know your pigtailed Deckhand would throw herself on my sword to protect you … but would you?”

The euphemism flew over the poor kid’s head and Leo laughed seeing the confusion scrunch his face. “It’s a sex thing …” He said leading the dog by the nose.

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