It’s NOT what you think … Is it? (Evening Day 1) Part 3

“Oh! OH! GROSS!!!” Vas’s reaction was worth it making Leo laugh harder. “Stop fucking around! Sweet Buddha! Leo you're drunk off your ass! Go slither to your den and wax your proverbial mustache ... Wú gōngjī pìgu tā mā de!” Vas spat fuming red-faced clearly not taking the offer seriously.

“Oh ...I know, I know. Hard to take it seriously like this … but I know you … you're the type that needs proof … don’t worry, you’ll see.” Leos said with a smile that would give anyone the shivers. Leo retreated, laughing loudly. Oh, he was waxing something tonight! He could hear Vas cursing up a storm only fueling Leo’s laughter.

Yeva had been willing.

Serena was easy and fun.

Yazmina … unattainable.

Marisol was a Picasso, easy on the eyes at a distance but when you got close you realized you weren’t into MILF’s as much as you thought you were. Not with so many younger prettier flowers to pluck!

Riley? Lost her luster to him. How Adler kept his manhood he had no clue because he was sure she was vagina dentata! Chew and spit!

Elle looked like a cold fish and as plain as unflavored yogurt.

Lyen? He liked his sex without a moral lesson.

Vas though? That’s a fighting pitbull worth keeping under his thumb and he didn’t just want to own him … he wanted to break him. Put back the pieces together himself.


This wasn’t about sex.


It was about power and domination.

Over Vas.

This was one area Leo knew the boy was weakest in. One Leo could win in.

It was the ultimate challenge.

To break the young stallion ...

… this … was long overdue.

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