On to Greenleaf (Takeoff Day - Noon)

The all clears had been given, and Silverhold looked smaller and smaller as the Lunar Veil lifted off.

“Absolutely,” Riley said into the cortex, “Consider it done. I’d like to say it was a pleasure doing business with -- “ Keller opening the door to the bridge cut the lieutenant’s conversation short. “I’m signing off,” she hung up post haste.

“Boyfriend?” Keller said, waggling his eyebrows. “Girlfriend?” He waggled them more suggestively, Riley gave him her best-disinterested stare. “No? I thought my Captaining was spot on in Silverhold."

"You spent the majority of it in a cathouse."

"Yeah, but she called me Captain the whole time. How would you feel about making a little detour after Greenleaf?"

"I hate detours. The reason an itinerary exists is --"

"So you have an itinerary?" He asked with a chuckle. "The only people on the ship who have somewhere specific to get to is what's her name... short, gray hair...."

"Ms. Meadow."

"Her and them fellas in the robes."

"The monks?"

"Them," he continued. "It's not like we're charging anyone for it. And I'm telling you, it's a sure thing."

Riley, who just finished paying off the remainder of one of his 'sure things' scowled.

"Trust me," he said, putting his hat back atop his head. "You won't be disappointed. I'll let you know if the deal goes through."

"Wait! You haven't told me where the detour will be to - or when, how can I --"

"Lieutenant, your Captain is a man of mystery," he replied, promptly turning into the hatch. "I said mystery, not dexterity."


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