The Rounds (Takeoff Day, noon-ish)

Leaving Riley in the cockpit on the bridge, where she'd be for the next 12 hours during her shift, the Captain whistled a happy tune to himself, pleased with the new prospects. They had a new passenger on board willing to 'pay handsomely,' and taking passengers in general was really paying off.

"Hangover?" He snickered to the pigtailed teenager who shot him a look of disgust he'd register as a solid six on the hangover scale as she poured herself a cup of coffee. "That won't do shit but wake you up and make you hungover. " He added a shot of blue label. "They call that hair-of-the-dog-that-bit-you." Serena eyed Daisy warily. Fluffy drog's fur WAS everywhere, she swept it up like tumbleweeds. "Down the hatch."

He headed towards the lounge, stopping to greet Ms. Meadow. "Hey... uh... darlin' " he said politely, already have forgotten the woman's name. " Care to join me for some afternoon tea and a bit of lunch?" Roose's cooking regretfully had not improved, but he was always glad for his company. He tousled Haddie's already tousled hair as she skittered by toward Bolak's room. He wasn't sure who was shadier, Bennett or Bolak, but at least they had that new fella who seemed upstanding enough, he'd have to introduce himself at some point.

"Pigtails, put on some water for tea!" He hollered to the teen who was in no mood for hollering.


Serena winced and rubbed her head, wondering if the whiskey shot in the coffee counted as the one-drink-in-the-black rule. The crew chief had not been sympathetic at all that morning either with practicing punches and snap kicks. The flicking spot between her eyes still smarted in fact, and then there was preflight checks and cargo checks, and passenger checks, and a nap would have been just the remedy, but sleep was still hours away. "All right," she answered, "but then I gotta get over and clean out Mr. Wargrave's room on account of Lyen said she'd help me an' I don't want to give her the chance to back out. Plus I think she bought extra extra candy!" That was the rumor, and the teen couldn't wait to see. Even with a hangover, extra extra sounded amazing! Besides, it was exciting when passengers checked out. Sometimes they left stuff behind. She heard that's how Lyen got Pietro in the first place. She didn't have the heart to tell the nun what it was for, but she hoped the nun washed it before handling. The teen chalked it up to one of those things that isn't polite to bring up, but if she used the word discretion, it'd likely end up on a spelling list to be learned.

"Stupid tea kettle," she hissed at the whistling pot on the stove, the sound drilling through her. She made the captain and Ms. Meadow their tea before scattering to find the extra extra candy... and Lyen, who had pretty eyes like hers.

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