Detour (Part 1) Take off day, middle of the night

“Keller says land, we land.” Riley said from the co-pilot’s seat, stifling a yawn. It was a little after 0100, definitely not their usual landing time, but whatever this ‘detour’ of Keller’s was - getting information from him, she was sure Adler had an easier time removing teeth from his dental patients.

“How bad can it be. I heard his last sure fire thing made some profit.” Drake said in a positive tone. “Sure It ended with puppies and an unregistered female you can’t even give away … you know when I say that out loud now ...” He added thoughtfully.

The Lunar Veil glided into atmo down to the port. Caramel, New Melbourne wasn’t exactly a beacon of the modern world but it was a nice place by the sea. Beyond that it really wasn’t worth note.

“Please don’t let it be another type of live animal.” Vas could griped in the hallway as he headed to the cargo bay. “Last thing we need a friggin tank setup for Koi fish or sturgeon or ….” His voice faded out as he got further away.

“Elle knows all about fish.” Serena said sleepily from the hall as she tagged along behind Vas. “She can take care of ‘em.”

“.... Fish would be bad …” Drake agreed hearing the Crew Chief as he passed by.

Keller was surprisingly sober, whistling to himself as he stood in the cargo bay. It was a last minute job but it literally landed in his lap and promised to be exceptionally lucrative. How often did that happen?

“Quick stop,” he promised the deckhands. “I don’t want anyone running off and doing anything…. Typical when we land. Cargo gets loaded, we take back off. I don’t want no one starting to demand refunds because we’re running late to Greenleaf. Make a note - I want to pick up something extra nice when we're there for food. See if you can get Shortstack to cook it instead of Trick Knee.”

Vas made a note on his pad. “Yes Captain.” He nodded. “I’ll talk to Riley about Shortstack cooking. We might have to pay extra since she's an Independent Contractor and all now.” He explained. Meaning he could not rightfully give her an order.

Keller didn’t care, he cared about credits, and his ship making credits, and this would be a big score. “Seaweed.” He told the Rooster-haired crew chief. “Don’t worry, it’s dried… I think. I’m pretty sure. Whatever, it’ll sell for big bucks on Greenleaf, they got a plant there puts it in creams and face paint for women.”

“How much we looking at? Full load?” Vas asked.

“Just over three containers. Few thousand pounds.” The Captain replied. Their own transport ships been grounded from what I understand.”

“Got it … “He nodded again, turning to his Hands. “ … Alright guys, we're going to double time it cuz take off is going to be waiting on US to load up, so unless we kiss dirt we run Don mah!” He said giving out instructions and assignments.

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