Detour (Part 2) Take off day, middle of the night

Vas wasn’t a slacker himself so expect no less from his Hands working side by side with them and expecting them to keep up. The idea that they were no longer grounded and would get some time off at Greenleaf seemed to help encourage them.

The young punk wiped the sweat from his head, the heavy stomp of boots getting his attention.

At least two squads by Vas brief count and an Officer walked in like they owned the place. “Uhh … can I help yo-”

“Whose in charge?” the officer demanded. He waved to his men. “Cover all exits no one in or out. Surround the ship.” He ordered. “No one in or out. Non- lethal they give you trouble, you do what you have to, these people are armed and dangerous.”

The Staff Sergeants barked out orders breaking up their men into groups.


“Uh … Lieutenant … we have a problem in the cargo bay. I need you here. Now please?” Vas voice chirped over the intercom
“For rut’s sake, what the --” Riley began, cut off by the appearance of an Alliance soldier. “What’s the meaning of this? On whose authority --”

“Riley Thorne?” The corporal asked.
“Lieutenant Riley Thorne,” she corrected.
“You’re bound by law, Lieutenant. Turn around and put your hands on your head.”


The door to Dorian's room slid open with a snap, the lights rudely turning on. “Doctor Dorian Adler, you are bound by Law, put your hands in the air!” One of the three soldiers shrouded training their rifles on him as he stirred.


Marisol’s treatment was no less jarring as they slid down the ladder into her bunk, the heavy stomp of boots landing, the sudden flash of light turning on and the hum of rifles train on her. “Marisol Chavez you are bound by Law, put your hands in the air!” One shouted.


“Hicks, I want everyone on this ship rounded up and brought to the cargo bay, immediately.” The Officer ordered. “All of you - “ he pointed to Vas and the deckhands helping. “Face down, on the deck, hands behind your head. Nobody moves.”



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