Interrogating Elle Part 1 - Very Late Night Day 1 on New Melbourne

Serena was probably already uncuffed and sitting on a desk somewhere and the cops - soldiers? - were giving her candy and laughing as she talked and talked and talked. It would be just like the cute girl to wind up like that while Elle was sitting here chained to a table.

Maybe they’ll shave Vas’ head she thought and tried to take a little comfort from the humor it should have brought but failed. She was scared and completely unsure of what was going to happen much less why.

Elle hadn’t moved fast enough for them, a boot stomping on her left calf and buckling her to the deck. Catching herself with her hands spared her nose further injury but had been mistaken as resisting, earning the deckhand a knee in her back and rough hands pulling her own into a pair of some sort of plastic cuffs like you used to secure loose gear or make temporary repairs with. The same hands searched her taking her knife, Roose’s claw necklace, and even her bootlaces. Took her wages too but being broke wasn’t anything new.

What was new was being in this room that she already would do anything to get out of.

With no experience to draw on, police and soldiers weren’t common on Newhall, Elle was terrified. And she really, really needed to pee and kept squirming in the chair. In front of her a big wall that seemed to be all mirror gazed with unrelenting intensity, making Elle more and more nervous every passing second.

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