RAID! - Keller

It was a sure thing. The big score, the one he was after that meant he could maybe finally get off this boat and retire to Peloram, spend the rest of his days fishing. The black was such a romantic notion after the war. Why settle on a planet when the Gorram Alliance could just come and declare it their own?

And here the bastards were, doing just that with his ship. Riley's ship. It was complicated.

"What's the meaning of this?" He demanded of the purple bellied jack boots that rolled up as he oversaw the loading of the cargo.

"Colton Keller? You are bound by law, turn around and put your hands on your head."

"Not until you tell me --" Gut? Meet Rifle Butt He let loose a string of language befitting a sailor such as himself as he was spun around, searched and handcuffed. He'd have rather it been a loan shark, or someone's daddy with a shot gun that did him in, but it would be fitting to be the Gorram alliance. But how and why? Usually they had some sort of head's up, some sort of warning.

Wǒ niǎo tā de That chisel chinned asymmetrical pretty boy niǎo rén -- This had his taint all over it. When all was said and done, he and the light bird were going to have words, and the purple belly might just find his perfect purple abs spaced!

He shot a disgusted look to the newcomer who lie face down on the deck, ruing the day he let Riley hire him on board.

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