Day 2, Early Morning
With the nights wine intoxicating his mind, Lawrence was subject to one of several nightmares.
Open up, then put your hands on your head
As always, armed men coming for him. How original.
We know you are in there Mr. Chakel
Oooh, Mister? This was new.
Suddenly a loud banging brought a loving hangover to his attention, rolling out of his bed with his ears covered.
“I swear if it’s that little bra-“
Swinging the door open, he was met not by an irritating grin, but a metal sight glaring at him.
“Lawrence Chakel, lay down on the ground and put your hands on your head.”
Thank the stars nature had called earlier. He was quick to drop to the floor and comply.
Those bastards weren’t kidding....but I should have been safe once I was off planet!
He had not seen any of the crew, just fellow passengers as they were led into what he had learned was an Alliance cruiser. Just great.
Placed into a waiting room by the looks of it, he was quick to notice the only face he knew. Leo.
Waiting for the soldiers to leave, he approached the man.
“Hey Leo, do you have a clue as to what is happening here?”
Only vaguely remembering what had happened last night, he was loathe to imagine what the man thought of him.

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