Not Just a Sister - (Up to Day 2 Early Morning, Alliance Cruiser)

As she reluctantly left the engine room, Lyen spent the afternoon dispersing the items on her list from Silverhold. Roose received his dinner triangle with a quiet nod, Elle took her coins in 'ones you can count like fingers,' and she thought better of giving all of the candy to Serena. Hiding some in the galley ought to stretch it out, not that a spacer couldn't find every nook and cranny there was on the ship. Elle's starter, bowl, and flour warranted their own shelf in the pantry.

Her burdens thus divested, the nun made her way to her own room, her mind calling her back to the engine bay and to it's fiery occupant. Could it hurt to distract Marisol for just a moment more? The nun smiled, knowing that a moment wouldn't satisfy her, no, not when the best was yet to come. As she slid the door to her cabin, Ly's mind was on the intangible future she might share with Marisol.

One of the other nuns passed by then, offering Ly an inquisitive look. Lyen's eyes widened slightly, as if somehow the Sister could see her private thoughts. Ly extended a slight bow, and the Sister continued on her way. As she watched her go, a knowing smirk played over her own face just before the door closed.

She was asleep when she heard the commotion, but she had enough time to wrap herself in her robe before the grizzled officer opened her door and demanded that she come with him. The rest of the passengers, too, received the same treatment, and Lyen was lumped into the group of other orange-colored kasayas before being transported to the Alliance ship. There was a comforting feeling in the silence sitting among those robes as the sedan swayed over the planet's geography.

Once inside, she was ferried through checkpoints and photographing, fingerprinted, and deposited in a general holding room, where Leo was already spreading his legs in his chair, ogling any newcomers. Esteban eyed him, dragging a chair to sit a little too close to him. Leo crossed his legs and scooted away, a sour look on his face.

Having been isolated throughout the entire experience, Lyen continued to find comfort among the other Brothers and Sisters, so it was almost mechanically that she sat among them. As the Alliance called each of them in one-by-one, her mind was on Marisol, worried for her among the crew she hadn't seen since the boat. She chewed the inside of her cheek in slow movements, mind on her brown eyes and grease-streaked cheek.

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