Waiting - Part 2 (Day 2 Early Morning - Alliance Cruiser)

“Hey Leo, do you have a clue as to what is happening here?”

Leo's gaze lifted from its' protracted study of Hanso’s ass. Chakel approached, his face a mixture of hangover suffering, outright curiosity, and a touch of shame from their previous drunken escapades. When in his cups, the man was an unreliable, blubbering mess. It would be interesting to see how well sobriety might temper those traits. The learning adventure continues, he observed, his face brightening as if in response to the approach of an accomplice, or...Buddha forbid...a friend.

“I’m as bemused as you,” Leo affected a comradely tone. “Come, sit with me,” he gestured toward the adjacent chair. “Let’s put our thoughts in order together.”

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