A Quick Thank you!

Hey Everyone!

We have just about reached the end of everyone’s interrogation and both MK and I wanted to thank everyone who participated! We had a BLAST and I hope you did too! I know the interrogations might have come across as stressful … good! That means we did our job!

Seriously though you all did great! We worked hard to make this happen and are thrilled to see you also taking part and having fun. You guys all gave us so much to work with we had to make a spreadsheet!

This is not to instill fear in you but thank you for playing your characters straight! Letting them make mistakes, be afraid, forget and even lie. It can be really difficult to do that and it just makes us all the more proud and thrilled we have such a wonderful group of players.

One player in particular though we feel deserves special mention. We were so impressed with there portrayal we had to give them an award!

We proudly present ‘The Tea Flowed’ award to:

Noemi and her portrayal of her character Elle

The way her character handled the interrogation was not only realistic … it was priceless! A round of applause for Noemi!

Of course, we can’t talk about Noemi without mentioning the amazing performance by WanderingWolf and his character Lyen.

We proudly present the the ’Under The Bus’ award to:

WanderingWolf and his portrayal of his character Lyen

We were so impressed with how far Lyen was willing to go to protect her friends and WanderingWolfs willingness to make mistakes, lie and run with it. WanderingWolf took us down an unexpected route, taking us both by surprise. A round of applause for WanderingWolf!

Lastly, we know not much has been posted on the boards this week and you are all excited to see the results of what happened in the interrogations. Also, we are sure you are all eager to read everyone’s interrogations as well. We ask for your patience while we get everything in order and presentable for your reading pleasure. Your Mod are dealing with over 64 pages … I kid you not … 64 pages.

We hope to have everything posted and the results by this weekend.


Blitzen and Winters

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