The Raid : Serena in Custody Part 1

Serena had managed to pull both feet up on the chair, and leaned her chin on her knees, making herself as small as possible as she waited, and waited, and waited. Even though the Skyhook had been boarded, this part never happened, and the crew chief wasn’t there to have anyone to follow the lead of. And Ms. Meadow, she was going to be incredibly angry if she didn’t have tea first thing. This was taking so long, and there was nothing to look at, nothing to do. She tried running the katas Vas was showing her in her head, and she even pictured some of her letters. It was so boring, she would actually try to read if there was anything to read or look at pictures of, but there wasn’t. There was just a stupid chair with a stupid table and stupid handcuffs and a giant miror and silence. Nothing but stupid silence.

The door opened for Jody the colorful bags on her shoulder bumped in the frame of the door. “Oops! Oh dang nearly spill it all over the place!” Jody said with a big grin. “Oh my!” The interrogator said seeing Serena and her pigtails. “Aren’t you just as cute at a button!” She cooed sitting in the chair heavily across from Serena as she proceeded to get herself and her bags in order.

Serena glanced quickly into the giant mirror and agreed she was in fact cute as a button, so she slowly nodded her head affirmatively.

“And full of confidence!” Jody beamed putting thick folders on the table. She opened up a colorful notebook and a pen that lit up at every movement she made. “Sweetie, would you like a drink? Juice or some fizzy pop?” Jody offered the girl.

“Nuh-uh,” Serena replied with a side to side shake of her head.

“Maybe something to nibble on? I got these nice rice crackers, not only are they super crunchy but they are just a touch sweet!” Jody said, digging in her bag like a cross between MaryPoppins and a hungry anteater. On the table popped a mixed bag of candy, a small baggie of lemon drops, a small Tupperware of celery, and carrots.

“Oh of course there at the bottom … every time you look for something it’s always at the bottom.” Jody tsk taking out a fist full of individually wrapped extra thick rice crackers. They had colorful anime faces and excited Chinese words on them. She dumped a handful on the table. “Go on and help yourself …” Jody encouraged.

Lemon drops! Esteban had lemon drops and they were amazing. Serena hoped that Lyen picked some of those up in town and that they’d still be there when they got back, but the rice cakes! Pandas and puppies and Serena reached for one that, like herself, was cute as a button, or in this case a bunny, but she stopped herself and shook her head negatively again. Under different circumstances the teen would have gladly pawed through the bag that seemed to contain an endless supply of treats!

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