The Raid: Lyen in Custody Part 1

Lyen had been plucked from the common room by a gruff voice calling her name, then checking her photo against his cortex. Her fingerprint had also been collected on the cortex. Satisfied with the result, she was brought to a room with a solitary metal table in the center, a chair on each side. Unlike the crew she wasn’t bound to the table, but free to move about and examine the large mirror on one side of the room.

“State your name, please.” The Alliance officer with the name badge reading “Macklin” said. The armored officer was well armed and carried a thick folder which he thumbed through before looking up at the nun, removing his aviator sunglasses.

Having little experience with the Alliance, Lyen wasn’t sure what to make of the officer before her. He’d said ‘please’ she thought, after having been paraded through their ship, fingerprinted, and photographed. Being removed from the Veil was a shocking experience in it itself, but she had no notion as to the reason. She smoothed her kasaya robe, eyes on Macklin’s. The nun bit her lip before replying, “I am Lyen Giu, and, if I may ask, why am I here?”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Gui,” Macklin replied, thumbing through his cortex. “It doesn’t pertain to your colorful history. Assault, blackmail, oh, this is interesting --” He took a minute to read, then stroked his chin. “Tell me, did you join the nunnery to change, or simply to hide who you were?”

“When you hear the call to change, it’s wise to answer before it’s too late. I chose to answer the call by becoming a nun in the Order of the Interverse. There are plenty of things I regret, but I’ve changed my… perspective.” Lyen sat up straight in her chair, watching the officer read his cortex.

“We’ll see,” he replied, laying the file down and taking a seat across from the ‘nun’. “How long have you been on the ship, the Lunar Veil, Ms. Gui?”

Lyen folded her hands in her lap, “It’s been some time, maybe four months?” Honestly, the time had fallen through the bottom of her mind like a sieve and she found it difficult to cast herself back to that bar on Santos where she’d met Keller.

“And on your time on the ship, what purpose did you serve?” The officer continued as he began jotting notes.

Her brow knit; she interpreted that as more of a philosophical question. “I suppose I was a passenger at first, but since then I’ve taken on some responsibilities. I assist in medical procedures, an extra hand in the kitchen--I even teach some aboard to pray.”

“So you work closely with --” He retrieved a photo of Dorian Adler from the file and put it before her on the table. “This man?”

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