The Raid: Vas in Custody Part 1

Vas leaned back in the chair as he waited his turned to be grilled. The handcuffs that chained him to the table limited exactly how comfortable he was allowed to get. He could not for the life of him parse out what the hell just happened!

They rounded up everyone! Everyone! It hadn’t escaped notice how they dragged out Doc and the Engineer either. He knew Marisol was a pain in the ass but when did that become a crime? Doc though? That was a puzzle and a half.

Sure their relationship had hit a rough patch but he still thought Adler was a stand-up guy. What the hell could they have done to warrant a full-blown raid! What were they in to get that kind of reaction from the Alliance? He just didn’t have all the info.

Something reeked and it wasn’t Vas.

“Let’s not make this take any more time than needed, shall we? I’m Captain Stabler, for my records, state your name please.”

“Vas Jat.”

“How long have you been on the Lunar Veil, Vas?”

“Five Months.”

“And what was your position on the ship?”

“Crew Chief.”

“All right. I’m going to show you a few pictures, Crew chief, can you identify them for me?” From the file he removed photos of the Captain, Doc, Marisol, and Yeva Schnabel, setting them in front of the mohawk wearing punk.

“Captain, Doc, the Mechanic, Yeva.” He said tapping each with there name.

“Can you identify them by name?” Stabler asked, with less patience.

“Keller, Adler, Chavez, Yeva.” Vas complied.

“And how would you describe your relationship with each of them?”

“Non Existent, Friendly, Contentious, Amicable. In that order.”

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