The Raid: Vas in Custody Part 7

“Did she fulfil any duties on the ship that you know of? Work closely with anyone perhaps?”

Vas took a long moment thinking about it. He recalled after New Kasmier how she had changed her look, and started studying all those books Doc had, her little medical bag. “Not really. She started working some with Doc Adler.”

“She worked in the medical bay with Doctor Adler?”

“She was passenger.” Vas stressed. “On the Lunar Veil. Whatever she did was on her own time.”

“In your opinion would she have had access to the equipment in the medical bay?”

“No.” Vas said, very sure of himself. He knew for a fact Doc had to keep a tight eye on his workspace and keep everything under lock and key due to a red headed stab happy half pint.

“Interesting.” Stabler took a moment to jot down a few notes. “Would you know if Ms. Schnabel had any relationship with the leaders of the ship? Lieutenant Thorne or Captain Keller?”

Vas shifted uncomfortably. “She had a sexual relationship with Captain.”

“Ms. Schnabel… had a sexual relationship -- with Captain Keller? Do you know when this relationship started?”

“New Kasmier.” He said dryly. That planet was cursed.

“And you are certain of this?”

“Yes.” Vas assured. It was kinda hard to forget. Also Keller kinda made sure everyone knew even when they clearly did not want to.

“Can you elaborate on how you are certain?”

“She left a note, the sex noise, the shit eating grin he wore all the time.” He said ticking off each one with a finger.

“She left a note regarding their relationship?”

“Yes.” Vas confirmed.

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