The Raid: Vas in Custody Part 8

“Do you recall what it said?”

Vas sighed again thinking about how annoyed he had been as he recalled the verbiage.

“Good Morning Handsome Man!

Remember this:

1. You are the Captain.
2. Last night, you hired Short Stack (Marisol)
3. You promised to order Vas Jat to never touch Short Stack again.

You were FANTASTIC!!!

Your devoted Firecracker (Yeva) xoxo” Vas recited in his best Yeva voice.

“So you and Marisol…. Had relations or altercations?” he asked, reviewing previous notes.

“What?! NO! Altercation! ALTERCATION!” Vas cleared up emphatically with a scrunched nose.

“Right, right,” Stabler, said, holding one hand up apologetically while writing with the other. “Tell me about the altercation.”

“I was ordered to CTQ Chavez. She demanded to finish her dinner first. I repeated the order. She refused. So I maneuvered her into a passive hold to try and control her while I took her to her room and she assaulted me.” Vas explained.

“And that’s why she quit the ship?”

“Yes.” Vas confirmed.

“And Ms. Schnabel convinced Captain Keller to hire her back with… sex. She must’ve had some reason to want Ms. Chavez back on the boat so badly. Any idea what that reason might be?”

“Genuinely curious myself.”

“As far as you know, did Lieutenant Thorne have any sort of relationship with Ms. Schnabel?”

“Not as far as I knew.” He replied.

The captain made a few more notes on his pad before closing the file. “I think we’re through here. I’ll see to it that you’re brought to holding shortly. Thank you for your cooperation Mr. Jat, if you could just give us your thumbprint here, stating you told the truth to the best of your ability --”

He slid the cortex over to Vas’ side of the table.

Vas pressed his thumb to the pad till it made that happy computer sound before withdrawing.

The captain scooped up the cortex and his files, leaving the punk to his thoughts.

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